Reality in Grading

What kids are used to in schools….the grades they get and the amount of instructional time they have…along with very structured schedules with school, after-school activities of all kinds, work and family events…does NOT prepare them for college life!

For an example: A student in a normal school situation from elementary through high school generally spends about 6 hours a day in that school taking classes and learning. After-school sports or enriching activities, work, family time, homework all must take place in the time after school ends for the day and bedtime…therefor everything must be scheduled to fit it all in.

But what about a regular college day?

Most college students take about 15 credit hours each semester which means 15 hours of class time each week. So in a typical day, a student would spend only 3 hours of their day in class…without much else planned for their schedule, certainly not studying because they think they have all the time in the world…just look at all the down time never available before. But for most kids it’s hard to focus on studying when procrastination abounds:) Social learning becomes of the utmost importance…and yes, that is extremely important for children to gain maturity and the skills needed for interaction in society.



In most public schools this is what the grading system looks like:

A     90-100

B     80-90

C     70-80

D    60-70

E/F    below 60


So, a C is an average grade…acceptable, okay, fine


When a student hits college he soon learns that a 2.00 or a C average is the lowest possible grade he may earn to PASS the class…yup, a C- is a failing grade in college…one that will put that student on academic probation and eventually dismissed from the university!


Knowing this information about schedules and grading well before a student is going to attend college is a way to concentrate your help in a way that allows the student to become an independent worker…trying hard to schedule his own time successfully…and that allows the student the ability to work for those grades that he knows are necessary for higher learning. Some kids always work way too hard and put stress on themselves…they need help on the scheduling part. Other kids work way too little and just scrape by…they need help in adjusting their sights and efforts.



With 2 kids that went through college and are now successful in their lives, I just thought I’d share a few thoughts that might in some small way help out:)  Feel free to ask questions if you wish!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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yup! Wow...and grateful!!

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Happy Parenting!

D and C

Happiness Tuesdays #30

Happiness Counts!


I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!


Happiness Tuesdays #30

Here are 3 things that make me happy:


1) Family:)

love these guys so much

aren't they handsome??

happy I had him as long as I did:)

TLG family having summer fun


2) the authors!!

at a writers conference in San Francisco

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This was a busy, happy Tuesday post! I hope your Tuesday goes beautifully with your families. The time flies! Enjoy it all!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Need a Push??


“Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push.”

Joann Thomas


Yes…a good, firm push can get us to concentrate on actions instead of thoughts. Whether those pushes come from external forces or our own internal forces, they help us find our way toward a better and more productive future – both for ourselves and for our families.

Give yourselves the push that you need :)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

A Perfect Baby Gift

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- anywhere that children and their parents congregate


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Have fun while reinforcing good habits!

We hope you'll love it and share it with others:)

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Happiness Tuesdays #29

Happiness Counts!


I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!


Happiness Tuesdays #29


Here are 3 things that make me happy:


1) My mom was here for a long weekend! We visited our old hometown…

and visited at Scott’s house….

2) We went to a family reunion to see Mom’s brothers and cousins…

3) We had a party at my house with lots of friends….

Mom stayed for only 3 days , but we packed a lot of great friendship in them!  Lots of fun:)


Also….Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother…you’re the best, Danny:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Sing, People, Sing


“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”


Chinese proverb


Sing your song, loud and clear!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Freedom for Kids?

As you might guess from previous posts, we have always been concerned with our ability to instill the proper character traits in our kids, both as  teachers and as parents. Sometimes, we may have been seen as tough, strict, or overprotective. Even though that has probably all been true, we also were loving, supportive, and caring:)   Today, I thought I’d share with you one of the things we did with our kids that gave them some freedom  and still today has left us with wonderful memories.


When I was pregnant with Chad, before ultrasounds and knowledge of gender, we decided on painting the nursery with bright colors…yellow, orange, and red.  F2 painted the dresser yellow with orange and red drawer fronts and painted the crib yellow with orange and red spindles. The room was white, but he hand painted a beautiful artsy rainbow(ish) made of those 3 beautiful colors on one wall over the crib. Throw in a few butterfly decals and Mickey Mouse and we were all set.  (I don’t have even one picture of the whole thing, but you can get the idea soon.)  When Scott was born 2 1/2 years later, both boys were in that same room…Chad in a twin bed on the floor and Scott in the crib. This is what it looked like then…with a cute coat rack added to the wall:

pretty cool rainbow, right?


As the boys got older, we were in charge of what went in their room and how they took care of it. They couldn’t have a TV or video games of any kind in their room, and we expected that they would take good care of that room. I know, I know…I told you we were trying to make responsibility natural to them:)  But, we did decide that they could put stickers on that one wall any time they wanted to!! Yow, scary, huh? We reminded them that it might look pretty ugly if they put any ol’ sticker up there, but it was their decision. They actually did think very hard before choosing stickers that meant something to them. Here are a couple of photos over the years:

fillin' that wall right up...and doncha just love their sheets:)

changes to the wall...different sheets, awesome jammies:)

So today the boys are 32 and 30 and out of the house for quite awhile. The room has been turned into a sort of a den, a mellow room, hardly ever used…but repainted….all except one wall…I LOVE that wall. It has so many memories plastered all over it that I just couldn’t get rid of it. Here it is now:

amazing, huh?

Another view:


When we started allowing the guys the freedom to do whatever they wanted with one wall, we didn’t know it would turn out to be a memory for all of us of things that were important in their lives: vacations, toys, space shuttles ( we have stickers from both the challenger and the columbia) , changing likes and interests over the course of many years. Part of the success of that wall was that it was not allowed to venture onto any other wall….so freedom, with boundaries! It worked for us:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Happiness Tuesdays #28

Happiness Counts!


I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!


Happiness Tuesdays #28


Here are 3 things that make me happy:


1) My parents are coming for a quick visit this weekend:)

from the early 80's

in 2008 with the boys

I’ll show you some new photos after the weekend:)


2) I love it when people comment…here on the blog…or on my Facebook page….or especially right now by doing a review at



3) another interesting, thought-provoking, quote:

“Change always comes bearing gifts.”

Price Pritchett


Good change or bad change can bring gifts of strength if you can accept them….keep trying to gain that ‘happy’ that you know you have:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

More Truth in the Comics

Here’s to more fun in our lives by way of the comics….the scary part is that they are all too often true-to-life!!

check these out:

It’s perfect, isn’t it??

Click on any if you’d like to see them larger….

love it!

we all wonder who's boss sometimes, huh?

kids definitely in control here...

losin' the battle...

whew...parenting is hard work!!

Sooo…do any of these hit a little close to home?? Laugh your way through them, but if there’s something you might be able to learn from the comics…why not??


Happy Parenting!

D and C