Little One Meets the TLG

A first gathering  of the TLG that baby A gets to attend!!

She was a treat for all :)

Lots of hugging and holding….

TLG 'cousins' :)


…and then, of course, her daddy, mommy, and me!!

Lots of love to go around…a lucky little lady!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C


Sharing Birthdays for the First Time

The new Uncle Chad….sharing birthday time with beautiful new baby Avery:

Uncle Chad holding sweet little one…


and many more pics…of my new granddaughter… :-D   :-D  lots of smiles all around!!

with mommy and daddy :)

sharing her feelings!!

with her beautiful mommy!

with her delighted gramma :)

hi, daddy!!

…and again!

with Aunt Shannon, too!

sweet baby :)

check out that cute face on her pants!!

getting ready to change those diapers…daddy's an expert!!


pretty mama

the 'big sister' puppy!!

sure, if the diaper's changed, I'll hold her again!!

Uncle Chad says he’s happy to share birthday adventures with his new niece….she’s a keeper in all of our hearts!! Thanks, S and L, for sharing your wee one with us!!!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Teacher Friends….

For all of my teacher friends out there….HANG IN THERE!!!

As a retired teacher, I have huge compassion and appreciation for all that you do and/or are trying to do.

Today’s overpowering reliance on conformity and data accountability gives me ‘the shivers’…

In ‘honor’ of all those in-services that are supposed to give you info on things you don’t want or don’t need to enhance your kids’ knowledge and excitement about learning:

some expressions for you…

I have to get out of bed for a workshop???

I'm supposed to do what??

Let me tell you what I think!!

Oh, you're killin' me!!!

I do not agree!

phssewww…with raspberries!

Love these expressions…I may have even seen them on teachers I know  :)  :)


Happy Parenting and Hug a Teacher Today!

D and C