Rhine River Beauty

Back again with more info on our beautiful Rhine River Cruise!! Are you ready to see what we did next?? After spending time in Lucerne we boarded the Emerald Destiny for our cruise along the Rhine:

A lovely beginning to our cruise…

First we spent time in the Black Forest region…including learning how to make Black Forest cake….and eating it!!

Back on the ship cruising along to Strasbourg:

Strasbourg, in France, across the river from Kehl, Germany is a beautiful city!

beautiful flowers everywhere

an homage to the Declaration of Independence

an impromptu bus choir singing in front of the cathedral


And then into the back roads of wine country for a wine tasting!

5th generation French winery owner

a hamlet on our way back to the ship...a little taste of beer after the wine!!!

These 2 celebrated their anniversary while on the cruise!!

Happy Anniversary!!


More to come in the future!!

In the meantime….find things to make yourself happy and to share that happiness with others!! It is a beautiful world…find every little bit of it and share as much as possible!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Switzerland is gorgeous!

Hi All,

I have been missing from the blog world for a year!! So how about a post about a recent vacation that started in Lucerne, Switzerland. Talk about a beautiful country….rivers, mountains, and also wonderful food and people!!

We spent 3 nights in Lucerne and traveled to 2 different mountain areas. The city itself is busy but quaint in its own way, and the mountains are amazing. I have some pics to share, but they will never show you the beauty that we saw! Incredible!

in the city with its famous bridge

on our way into the mountains

in the city of Interlaken

already in the clouds

Highest train station in Europe...Jungfraujoch

one view from the top

entering the Ice Palace, a huge ice tunnel through the mountain, impressive!

many ice sculptures in the tunnel

love this!

back in Lucerne...busy, right?

more of Lucerne

on our way up Mt. Pilatus

so awesome

my buddies at the mountain top

see that tiny church way down there??

yup, it says 48% grade!! Double cogwheel!

surprised myself (afraid of heights) sticking my head out

ferry ride back on Lake Lucerne

That's where we were...the mountains in the background!!


It was an amazing 3 days before we began our Rhine River Cruise…more on that later, but I will tell you this was my favorite part of the whole trip!!

Perhaps now I can try to post a bit more…not only about my trip, but also about my beautiful granddaughters, and about all those things I am so grateful for!!

Stay tuned!!

Happy Parenting,

D and C