Sweet Memories of Carl

This wonderful man married my mother 46 years ago…within 2 months of my marriage to F and my brother’s marriage to his wife….long lasting togetherness!

He has been known for his ‘stories’…retold with joy again and again, his love for his friends and family, and his great love for his church and his God. I am glad to know he is now in a peaceful, joyful place joining others who he loves.

with his sweetie pie…I love this picture!

look at that great smile

with my boys and their girls…now husbands and wives

he loved his hats :)

a bunch of his family...

another hat...

he 'inherited' lots of different members to his family

yup, another hat and a great smile!!

this is his favorite

with me, out in the Florida sunshine...

D and D

look at this handsome devil without a hat!!


…and older..

a hat from Jamaica, along with a snack :)

aren't they cute??

2 honeys gone :(

Many of the family photos I have… wound up in a CVS folder and made into a book for Carl, but now I can’t easily retrieve them…so those of you who didn’t know Carl can be grateful I’m about done. BUT those of you who did know him, know that I would post a bucketful more if I thought it would help us in our grieving process. I posted what I found on my computer…didn’t leave anyone out on purpose…just couldn’t find more right now!!

So…as Carl would say…ADIOS!

with love and happy memories,


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  1. Peggy Aho says:

    Only met Carl the one time we went on vacation to Florida quite a few years ago. He was super nice to us and very friendly. You could tell right off the bat he really loved your Mom and his job at the space station.I know you and your Mom will miss him greatly he was a great guy! I’m so sorry for your loss. File this under angels because I’m sure that’s where Carl will be. Love Peggy

  2. Tom Gallimore says:

    Wow…a year has gone by already. Yes we all took many many photos and Dad wake the ringleader with the camera!! Thanks for sharing!

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