Who We Are

Who we are should not depend on circumstances, but on belief systems.


So….who are you? Are you encouraging and kind? Are you thoughtful? Do you think that what you say and how you say it matters? Are you the right kind of role model for children?


I say the answer for all of us is “Yes” if we take the time to think before acting, or reacting, in haste…easier said than done, I know…but maybe if we all try just a teensy bit harder to find the good in others and in ourselves, we can be the kind of role model we would like to be.

Here’s a little more from “Letters from a Guardian Angel”:


“Rejoice in the beauty that you create with your hands, your heart and your mind. You are creating with each choice you make. Choose love, laughter, kindness, and joy.”


I LOVE this quote…I choose to try harder:)

choosing kindness

we're very good friends, my brother and I :)

The sun is back – there is beauty all around us – choose to find it:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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