Writing to Gramma Gallimore

A great idea for teachers:

Involve your parents in projects with your kids!!


Whether I taught 2nd grade or 6th grade, my mom…Gramma Gallimore…chose to write letters to my kids. They were about anything and everything…animals, surfing, Florida, space, whatever looked good to her at the time..she would share tidbits of her life with my students. That was exciting enough, but…my kids then had to return letters to her, telling her about themselves, thanking her for treats she may have sent, asking her questions for future letters. The amazing thing is that my mom has kept all these letters!!! Some were from as long ago as the ’80′s right up until I retired in’09.


Many of these students have kept in contact with me, which is so exciting to me!! I’m checking now to see if some of them remember the Gramma Gallimore picnic we had for Gramma and Grandad when they were visiting Michigan a few years ago. Here are some photos to help bring back memories:

Here is Gramma’s letter and a response from a 5th grader:

with Mr. Seader, the principal


The kids loved these back and forth letters, usually about 5 a year; but more importantly, it’s one of my mother’s favorite memories.  Thanks, kids!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


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  1. Helen says:

    Diane, I loved reading this, mainly because it reminded me of one special letter my mother wrote to Rob, my son. He saw a lot of Mr. Rogers on TV back then. Not sure this question came from Mr. Rogers. One day in kindergarten he asked how many stomachs a cow had. He never received an answer from his teacher. Mother was so upset that he wasn’t answered, so she got out her old encyclopedias and located the answer for Rob. Yes, four; however just googled and it’s now said to be one stomach with 4 compartments. So much for the 1975 answer. Actually probably much old answers from the ’40s or ’50s.


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