Book Club Pick!

Are you looking for a new book for your book club? Are you a parent…or a teacher…or a grandparent….or someone looking for a baby shower gift, preparing for Christmas gifts….birthdays, or just looking for a fun read?


I got to be a guest speaker at a lovely book club gathering last night. These wonderful ladies had chosen How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths as their book for August and invited me to discuss it with them. How exciting is that? It was so much fun because the message of the book isn’t negative about what we don’t do as parents, but positive about what we do right. Everyone can use a hint now and then, right? Our book hopes to enrich your parenting experience by sharing silly and/or serious stories from our family and classrooms, giving you ideas to use or share with others.

If you wish to see a couple of sample pages from our first ‘childhood myth’….”No Means Yes”… just head to Amazon at the above link and you can check it out:)


Maybe if you choose a certain book for your book club a certain person might come join your discussion:))


Thanks, book clubbers, for making us feel that our adventure has been worthwhile. It means a lot to us!!


If you have any questions about book clubs, workshops, home parties …anything to do with parenting and/or teaching…send them along, and we’ll be happy to answer them:)


Happy us….and Happy Parenting!

D and C

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  2. Jenny says:

    This seems like a great book. I like that they look at the positive things instead of the negative :)

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    Sounds like a good book to read for parents like me.

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