Final bridal shower…TLG:)

Our 400th post!!!  Special in many ways:))))


The last shower for Scott and Lauren…put on by the best friends ever, our Torch Lake Group!  We love them all sooo much! Thanks for always being there for us!!

the happy sweeties!

a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting

Lauren and her mom Mary

delicious stuffed mushrooms

...and crab puffs!

L with 'the moms'

S having fun with baby M

L's turn with little M

Scott and Lauren with Mary and George

aren't they cute?

TLG fun

more fun...

ready for gifts???

insider joke...we love these mugs!

special gift...from afar:)

gorgeous, right?

the BEST kids ever!!!



An amazing day for an amazing couple!! It was a perfectly lovely shower with our TLG family!

Happy Parenting….from a very happy parent!!!

D and C


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