Helping Remember

C and I were checking out the ornaments on last year’s tree, and I was telling him the stories of each one…where and who it came from, how long we had had it, whatever I could remember. C said I should take a photo of each ornament and tell the story on the back so the stories wouldn’t be forgotten in the future. That sounded like a great idea until I began taking the ornaments off the tree and decided I would NEVER get finished…way too many of them:)

So here is my compromise:  photos of groups of ornaments that have similar stories…here are way too many of them for you to see, but definitely not all of them!

F2's childhood ornaments

my childhood 'Horns'

some of C's

more of C's

some of S's

more of S's

lovely TLG ornaments

birds for luck and more of D's childhood


love elves and angels

more angels

collected during our travels

more travel college

love the teacher ornaments

gifts from family and friends

Okay…I know…that’s enough, right?? I have at least twenty more photos, but you get the idea, I’m sure! I love that C thought of this plan. Looking at the photos will make it easier to tell the stories of individual ornaments and reliving the memories that make them special!

Find happiness in the season and share it with your children:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C


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  1. this is SUCH a good idea – good job, Chad!

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