Kids on a Road Trip…

I imagine many of you will be traveling with the ‘younguns’ over this long weekend! Are you going to make it fun or will it be all trials and tribulations??? I’m hoping for the fun:)  As long as you lower your expectations for everything except manners, I’m thinking you can make the trip a delight for all:

neatness in the car...not a requirement...

the cleanest we can hope for...occasional clean hands!

young or old...hitting the tourist traps keeps kids entertained:)

when you have a tent, visiting your buddy's popup camper is a treat...


walking in a garden...

playing at the beach

Whatever you do in the car to interact….try to make it fun, but always take the opportunity to stop along the way. It may be the memory you treasure the most from your entire vacation:)

pushing mom and baby brother...what a big guy

checking out Paul Bunyan

don't believe their faces...they had fun!

cute, huh?

naps work too!

Making the most of your time together is so important. Say yes when you can…but never if there is whining involved. Say no when it’s required….and then do not back down. Remember every moment is a teaching moment. What do you want your kids to learn??


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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