Quilts from Memories

After completing quilts for both Chad and Scott….do you remember….made from t-shirts  I kept after their dad died. Each quilt was made from more than 45 shirts, 12 x 12 squares or pieces formed into that size. My lovely neighbor sewed the pieces together after I pinned them in the order I wanted. Then I used batting and a backing and hand-sewed them together….YOW! I am. not. a seamstress and therefor wrecked my fingers on each quilt. BUT I loved that I could give each boy a lovely memory quilt to remind them of their most awesome father:)))

Here is Scott’s

7' across and 7' down!!!


And here is Chad’s

same size


After giving my fingers a break, I decided I needed a quilt of my own. So combining F2′s shirts with some of my old shirts also…here is the front of my quilt. I haven’t decided yet what to do with the back…less than I did with the boys, I think.

this was how I started...

good, huh?

And then some up close and personal views…do you recognize any of these??

for my Monfort buddies...and Dave and Jodi:)

for F2's Teke buddies

for my Alpha Chi sisters

for remembering the Crary and Fink boat:)

Memories of all kinds….that’s what it’s all about!!! Make sure you keep every memory you might want later…time is fleeting!! Love my quilt:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C


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  1. Freddie and the Dreamers :)

  2. Tom Gallimore says:

    Real cool.

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