Spring Beauty

What happened to Joyful Thursdays, you say….Yes, I still have many things that bring me joy. But…I have done over a year’s worth of Happiness Tuesdays and over a year’s worth of Joyful Thursdays. So it’s about time for another change…at least in name. Do you have any suggestions for me? Super Sundays…Sunshine Saturdays…What do you think??


Anyway, today we celebrate spring in all its glory. We have had the BEST week…warm and sunny and very much appreciated:))

beautiful tulips...just a short burst of loveliness!

the special green of new leaves

some still waiting for the green, some already there!

almost ready for blooms

blossoms a-blooming:)

just amazing!

if only we could call these lil stinkers wildflowers, I'd welcome them into my lawn!

Have a delightful spring day…make the most of the beauty around you!

Happy Parenting!

D and C



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