Sunday Mornin’

Whew! I had an issue with my computer….couldn’t access my own website!!! Arghhh, that was a wee bit frustrating! So Thursdays Joyfulness just went directly to FaceBook instead…and even then, not until Saturday.

Today, talk of Bob Seger:)))) We went to his concert in Toledo! Have you been to that arena??? Wow! We usually go to the Palace and have seats where the performers look like ants. This particular place is small and lovely. We were on the floor 16 rows from the stage, with wide aisles between every 10 seats. …And the seats not on the floor-only about 20 rows total! It is so impressive!

2 Seger beauties at "The Bar" before the concert

getting ready!

this is how far from the stage we were...

just waiting...see how small the venue is!!!


Friday night was the 2nd of at least 20 performances by the amazing Bob Seger and his equally awesome band! His voice was the best I’ve heard, mellow and smooth, singing most of his classics and a few new tunes.

Seger singing:)


Thanks to my 4 sweeties for a most exceptional birthday present…just spending time with you is always my favorite thing to do, but throw in a little Bob Seger…wonderful!!!

my birthday gift

Have a delightful Sunday…enjoy your family:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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  1. Camille says:

    That must have been amazing! I love Bob Seger!! :)

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