backpack troubles??

So now that you’ve had that parent/teacher conference, would you like some tips for organizing what goes in and out of that backpack?
Are you an ‘everyday checker’ or a ‘whatever checker’?? There can be some scary things in that backpack if you don’t stay on top of it everyday….late notes, study guides for tests, requests for information, and even some unrecognizable goo:(

a sample of backpacks in a hallway in an elementary school

This photo was taken after the kids emptied out the homework and snacks after they arrived at school. Notice how they’re just hanging open?? Might you have put some important note in there for the teacher??? Maybe some homework is still stuffed in the bottom and doesn’t make it to the teacher…anyway, just a suggestion to remind your children to zip their backpacks back up each time they leave them in their lockers or hallway.

something is about to fall out!!

Tip # 2 about backpacks:  Practice having 2 folders inside, one for work coming home and one for finished work and notes going back to school. If you start this organization early in the year, and if your child expects that you will look in that backpack sometime every night, your year should flow a little more smoothly…we hope:)

Finally Tip #3: When homework at night is completed and all notes have been signed, have your child zip up that backpack and put it by the back door for morning. The only thing left to do in the AM is add snacks and/or lunches and the day is off to a successful start!

Happy Parenting,
D and C

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