so many memories…

Many days, weeks, and even months later…I have now finished transferring thousands of slides to computer folders. Whew! Literally thousands…close to 5000!! I did no organizing…just transferring….that gives me much more work to do IN THE FUTURE!!  For now, I am just happy to have a task completed!!


Just a taste for you…some F2 scenery shots and pics from late 70′s to mid 80′s!


near the top of Mt. Rainier

camping in our 'huge' tent...'74 I think

just beauty

backpacking in an even smaller tent:)

stark beauty

When I tell you how much fun I’ve had looking through these old photos…just remember that I’m the one with over 35 regular albums filled with photos! I’ll have a hard time keeping all of these ‘new’ old photos on the computer…help me control myself, please!!!


Take as many photos as you can…you’ll love them far into the future!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


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