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In case you have no idea what we’re talking about when we talk about our book….wink, wink!!….I thought I’d show you a tiny piece so you can see what it’s all about.


The following is from a section on the Myth called “No Means Yes”…just one small section in the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it…

” Get off that couch and get back into their lives. Your “couch” is anything that may be keeping you from paying attention to your child. Our world is so full of distractions keeping parents and teachers from truly connecting with the children in their lives: long hours at work, television in every room, iPods, and cell phones, to name just a few. It is even more important to make those personal connections in spite of the hustle and bustle of a modern, technology-driven world. Children need directed teaching from parents to show them what they should do instead of yelling “no” over and over again.


  • Diane: The advantage of using physical activity to engage your child will amaze you. When Chad and Scott were very young, I spent much of my time following them around with my eyes and then, if necessary, with my feet. When kids are little, their job is to explore and discover boundaries. I loved watching them learn: what an end table handle felt like, how the material on the couch was different from the material on the floor, what you could see out a window.

But, because I watched them a lot, I could often tell when they were     curious about something dangerous like a cord, an outlet, or a piece of a plant. When my voice started saying, “No, no, Honey,” my feet were already headed that direction to help divert their attention to something else. The actual physical activity of redirecting them helped in more than one way.

My interaction with them became a lifelong one, always being concerned and aware. Some would say over-protective, but I didn’t care. The idea of “No,” even when said in a calm, quiet voice became a serious idea, not to be debated.


We include stories (the part in blue) with each section of each chapter (the part in green). If you’d like to see more here on the blog…please comment!!  You can always go to Amazon to look for “How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths” or click on this link.

Have a beautiful day with your children…each day is a gift for you and for them!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

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