Book Time

Our book club met to discuss The Orphan Train. We all really liked it…and discovered that there will be a discussion about the actual Michigan orphan trains in Clarkston next month! How exciting! We will meet there for dinner and discussion of our next book, The Language of Flowers, and then on to the library to hear what we hope will be a very interesting talk on the 12,000 children who rode the orphan train from New York to Michigan from the 1850′s to 1929! Overall, more than 200,000 orphans rode these trains from New York to cities in the Midwest. Amazing stories…both good and bad!


My most recent ‘read’ was a new book in a series of 7 written by a 21 year old!! The book is The Bone Season, another dystopian novel about young people. It’s a slow-starter, but definitely becomes interesting!

Yesterday was a beautiful day for reading outside…so that’s just what I did!!! I’m reading an old novel by Jonathan Kellerman…’Bones’….it’s a good book, especially reading in the sunshine and breeze!

Books are my thing!! I love to read….mostly non-intellectual books (sorry to disappoint you, but I’m a mystery, legal, medical thriller type of girl). I read for pleasure mostly and only occasionally for learning:)))

What are you reading??


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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