Continuing to Remember Who We Are


For most of us, the first few weeks of school are complete!  I know, I’m retired now so why do I care??  Because…I think once an educator, always an educator!!


I will always be concerned with the school system – its positives and its negatives. We have wonderful children with abilities and the willingness to learn, and then we have the higher-ups who insist on old-fashioned structure…rigidity and procedures…without concerns for actual brain research that requires compassion, boundaries, and joy.  From one extreme to another and everything in between!


Please don’t get me started on the negatives because the positives are so much more necessary. Let’s all focus on what kids can and should do – inside and outside ‘the box’. America’s inventive, ingenious, and sometimes weird mentality should be encouraged because “that is who we are”…..the USA at its best!!

go for it, guys

Continuing to remember the important parts of who we are :)

being weird.....:))

Encourage your children to use their imaginations and curiosity to enhance whatever they are learning!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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  1. Kelly says:

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  2. Agreed. Kids should be able to use their imagination and curiosity while learning; not these strict rules and procedures! :)

  3. I think it takes about 12 years to finally get tired of peanut butter and jelly – then you can try asperagus

    The Cranky Old Man

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