Road Trips are Fun!

I’ll share a few photos from the old slides today…all about traveling with kids on road trips!!

before we got a big van...packed and, he didn't ride back there :) )

a lot of camping in tents...

playing in the leaves with buddies before the campfire starts...

stopping at Zubler's for souvenirs

traveling to the West...souvenirs are still important

getting to play at a 'tourist trap'

more souvenirs...Sea World often!

Mt. Rushmore, with cool sunglasses

at tahquahmenon falls

we love traveling near the water...

at the mackinac bridge

up North with TLG ....silly clothes party...

great trip to Cape Cod

my guys, hiking in the woods

Loved road trips….of all kinds….to lots of different places. They bring so many wonderful memories…and any difficulties fade as time passes:))))

Happy Parenting!

D and C

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