Super Saturday #32

Hurray for Super Saturday #32…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) Frozen lake, then more snow, then it starts to melt…and this beautiful blue color appears!

photos just can't capture the color...


2) the guys and girls gave me a wine tasting for Christmas, and we took advantage of it last night….great place, Filipo Marc Winery! We tasted 15 different wines, with great explanations and tasty snacks. Yum!! Then we went out to dinner…great night with those favorite folks of mine:)))

cute couple #1

cute couple #2

(a few other slightly obnoxious photos were taken, but I’ll keep them secret)  ;)

3) goofy cat has decided that sleeping on cast-aside newspaper from Christmas boxes makes the best place for a nap….lots of crinkling going on:)))

silly kitty!

Happy Parenting!

D and C


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