Happiness Tuesdays #28

Happiness Counts!


I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!


Happiness Tuesdays #28


Here are 3 things that make me happy:


1) My parents are coming for a quick visit this weekend:)

from the early 80's

in 2008 with the boys

I’ll show you some new photos after the weekend:)


2) I love it when people comment…here on the blog…or on my Facebook page….or especially right now by doing a review at



3) another interesting, thought-provoking, quote:

“Change always comes bearing gifts.”

Price Pritchett


Good change or bad change can bring gifts of strength if you can accept them….keep trying to gain that ‘happy’ that you know you have:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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  1. Clare says:

    Comments always make me happy too, so thanks for leaving one on my blog!
    I love the Happiness Tuesdays theme! There can be way too much negativity in the blogosphere, so bring on the smiles! :)

  2. Happiness does count!!! I am always busy being snarky – and sometimes forget to be happy!!!

  3. sandra says:

    I’m all about the happy!

  4. Teachermum says:

    I am your newest follower – glad to find you by blog hopping. Look forward to connecting with you – as teachers!

  5. Zerique says:

    I really find your blog interesting! You have some great stuff!!!
    Thanks for participating in my blog hop! I am going to be hosting weekly! Stop By and spread the word!!!!

    Have A Great Week!!!

  6. April Bever says:

    Hi following you now from Say Hi Sunday. If you can stop by http://www.familystitchery.blogspot.com.

  7. Hi, I am your newest follower from the Blog hop. stop by some time!



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