My FAVORITE Kids’ Book

     After talking about reading and kids’ books recently, I realized I forgot the one book that makes my heart flutter a bit. It matches my boys so closely, and it matches, to a “T”, my hope for brotherly love….without that nasty sibling rivalry!
The lovely book is “We’re Very Good Friends, My Brother and I” by P.K. Hallinan:

doesn’t it look cute?

aww…it’s okay, little brother

looks like we can have fun together with a brush!

buds at the ocean
now, that’s sweet…don’t tell them I told you!

buds on vacation too

I love these pages so much I started taking pics of the guys from the back.
I can’t find them all:(

can we make it?

You can find one of these photos at our website: childhood myths   check it out:)
Then some more when they are older…..

in Colorado with an incorrect time stamp!!

at Chad’s house

     This post is totally about me and my love of a particular book and even more my love of Chad and Scott, my two guys!!
I hope you enjoy it and remember to take those photos!!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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