Treasures Found…

Sifting through years of slides…converting them to digital format and on to the computer…whew!


I have transferred 3 of 36 rows of slides so far…all from the 80′s!! Most of them were turned into photo prints years ago, but some of them I don’t remember ever seeing before. What a treat that is! Keeping photos definitely saves memories of all kinds…here are a few!


This one would have been perfect for last Sunday…but, we’re still in the Happy New Year phase, right?

2 of the Torch Lake the 80's!

happy guys at our favorite Zubler's



I don't remember ever seeing it:)

aren't they cute??


and then one to warm a mother’s heart…


Lovin’ going through these slides!! I have completed 400, with a ton more to go….I think I’m going to have a good time:)


Enjoy those kids and time together. The memories are oh, so precious!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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