Corn and Eggs…

Corn and eggs? No, not together! I just have to share these two important summer ‘findings’ !!!

Many of you will have already seen them on blogs or pinterest, but for those of you who haven’t seen them yet – Eureka!

1)  hardboiled eggs…by baking!

I love deviled eggs but rarely make them. I have a hard time cooking them correctly…is the water boiling enough, covered or not, remove from heat..maybe…how many minutes…arghhh! The eggs would often not turn out correctly. So the new plan: Take the eggs directly out of the carton and put them either right on the oven racks or in muffin tins in a 350 oven and bake for 25-30 minutes. Take out and put in ice water, then proceed normally for whatever recipe you need. It’s amazing! Perfectly cooked eggs:)  If you have slight scorched spots just remove them with a knife..they are just on the surface!  See!

a dozen eggs...2 dozen deviled eggs :)


2) corn on the cob…the easy way

for any number of ears…take the corn still in the husk and put in the microwave…cook 4 minutes per ear. Then remove, they will be hot. Cut the stalk end off about 2 rows into the kernels (husk still on). With a towel or potholder, grab on to the silk end and shake the cob out – you may have to slice the husk a little to allow the corn to slide out. When the corn slides out it has no silk on it…since you are holding it in your other hand!! Amazing! This is perfect when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen with boiling water or when you only want one ear of corn. I love it!

cook, then cut right end, hold left end and slide corn out...

I hope you love these 2 tips…anything to make your days easier!

Happy Parenting!

D and C



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  1. Tracy says:

    I recently discovered the egg trick and I love it! My only complaint is that I sometimes rip the egg white to shreds while peeling them. I have not tried the corn on the cob trick and I am excited to pick up some ears of corn now! My girls love it – and it will be great to make some in only 4 minutes! Thanks for sharing!
    Tracy @

  2. Michele B says:

    I had heard about the egg trick but have not tried it yet. This is very interesting to learn about the corn though. I really want to try this! Thank you for posting this tip. I have been browsing your blog and I am enjoying it. Stopping by from That Friday Blog Hop. I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

    Michele @

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