In case you hadn’t heard….

We are totally surprised with the number of new blog readers:  wow! thanks, everyone, for joining us on our journey. For those of you lovely folks who have been with us for some time, you know we talk about those things that make us happy…and joyful parenting! So, just in case you new readers didn’t know about our parenting book: How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths …

Here it is  :)

Chad (son) and Diane (mom) wrote the book together to help parents find easier ways to have children who are delightful, respectful, responsible, and eventually independent adults! There are 10 common misbeliefs that kids grab onto and keep forever without a parent’s guide to let go of them. We included lots of stories from our lives…in both of our voices!


Feel free to head to Amazon to find our pretty little book in paperback or on Kindle. It is also available online through Barnes and Noble. It does make a great gift for new parents or grandparents, but also for those with kids anywhere from age 1-18.

For any of you delightful people who already bought one…we express a huge thank you to you. We hope you found the book helpful and enjoyable. Feel free to express your thoughts, good or bad, for others to see.


Christmas gifts anyone??  This is a plug for the book not because of our making any money but because of our love for kids and our hopes for improving future generations!

delivering backpacks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina


Thanks and

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the two most wonderful Dads ever:

To my dad, Robert, who I still miss after 50 years…

and my darling husband, the awesome father to my great ‘boys’…who I will continue to miss forever…

Lots of love to the Fathers today….both here and gone!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

End of Summer??

Children…summer fun!! And then so soon it’s time for school to begin again….

So much fun over the years….little guys, big guys…doesn’t matter! Back yard, on vacation, alone or with friends. Michigan is a beautiful place to PLAY!

But then, back to a new, fresh year of learning in school! Exciting for most…ready for friends and new classrooms!

If you still have a few days of summer left…enjoy them:))

For those of you back in school, enjoy those days, also!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

so many memories…

Many days, weeks, and even months later…I have now finished transferring thousands of slides to computer folders. Whew! Literally thousands…close to 5000!! I did no organizing…just transferring….that gives me much more work to do IN THE FUTURE!!  For now, I am just happy to have a task completed!!


Just a taste for you…some F2 scenery shots and pics from late 70′s to mid 80′s!


near the top of Mt. Rainier

camping in our 'huge' tent...'74 I think

just beauty

backpacking in an even smaller tent:)

stark beauty

When I tell you how much fun I’ve had looking through these old photos…just remember that I’m the one with over 35 regular albums filled with photos! I’ll have a hard time keeping all of these ‘new’ old photos on the computer…help me control myself, please!!!


Take as many photos as you can…you’ll love them far into the future!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Organizing your Morning

School day mornings can be sooo stressful! Everyone has been there at one time or another…the age of the child doesn’t matter, the issues just change a little!


We talked in the past about organizing your evenings so that stress would be reduced in the morning….things like putting clothes out, backpack with all assignments waiting by the back door, jackets, shoes, lunches all ready to go and always in the same places.


So today, how about trying to find a calm way to get up in the morning??  Most kids do not want to wake up on your schedule…only on theirs. When they are very young they wake up before you want them to, but as they get older you feel like you need to drag them out of that bed:)


Here’s a suggestion for your school age munchkins…may be helpful, may not…but could be worth a try!


Try a countdown in the mornings:

About 5 minutes before you want them out of bed:

Go in the room….say “5 Minutes!”

Two minutes later, go back in the room…give ‘em a kiss and say “2 Minutes!”

After 2 minutes, go in the room, turn on the lights(the part my boys hated the most) and say “Up and at ‘em” and walk out of the room.  They need to believe that you trust them to follow your directions.


Check after one minute and say “Let’s go!” and start giving them their clothing, remind them to brush their teeth and have them head downstairs(or wherever yours need to be). Make sure they don’t need to go back upstairs once they’re down…it could be a stall tactic. Breakfast…not usually time for “what do you want?”…just put out what you want them to eat. Give them another 2 minute warning before it’s time to head out the door. One last reminder to grab all of their things. You be the last one out so you can check to make sure the backpacks and lunches are not still waiting to be picked up.


There will always be a morning or two that goes crazy on you, but hopefully a tip here and there can make most of your mornings happy and a cheerful way for your kids to start their day:)

busy at school

When children have calm, easy-going mornings they tend to be more successful in school. Aim for a stress-free morning:)


Happy Parenting,

D and C



A Perfect Baby Gift

Maybe this would be the perfect find if you’re looking for a baby shower gift or new-baby-home-from-the-hospital gift:


This Amazon site:  “How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths” now allows you to look inside the book to see what tips might help you or those you know.


….and if by chance you are a perfect parent and never need any helpful hints to make your life easier – anyone? anyone? – copies could surely be shared with others:

- that sister or sister-in-law

- your children who are now parents

- teachers at your kids’ schools

- church groups

- day care areas

- dance studios

- anywhere that children and their parents congregate


Once you check out the book, or before, come check out our website and blog at Childhood Myths where you can learn about our workshops for parents and teachers and about our Sassy Kids Home Parties.


Have fun while reinforcing good habits!

We hope you'll love it and share it with others:)

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Kids Who Care

The idea that kids are capable of an incredible empathy for others can sometimes seem like a ‘pie-in-the-sky’, Pollyanna, view of how the world actually works. But kids are so open to a plan of helping those who need it that all it takes is some encouragement from the people around them. Today, I’ll show you one of the most beautiful projects our school ever undertook….and, because of what has been happening with tornadoes and floods lately, could be an important project for other people to try.   Just a thought…:))


For Make a Difference Day in 2005, right after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, our school decided to have a Kid Caring about Kids Backpack Project. We asked people to donate money, items, time…whatever they could. At the same time we also held a new and used book drive. We collected school supplies, hygiene items, and things for babies. We bought 450 backpacks and filled them with these supplies:

one of the 6 tables filled with supplies

our 450 filled backpacks

our 1200 books, organized by age level

The kids then filled a trailer and our SUV which son Chad and I drove to New Orleans. We left on a Thursday after school, took Friday off because we needed to arrive at our NO school before they got out for the weekend, drove and drove(from Michigan), and arrived about 2 hours before the end of the school day:

some of the devastation we saw

the health dept. allowed this school to reopen 3 months ahead of schedule because the school families did so much of the clean up themselves

When we got the the school, the children all came out to greet us:)  We helped pass backpacks out to them and enjoyed spending time in the classrooms.

kids choosing their backpacks

spending time with great kids

wearing beads received from our new friends

So, you may ask, why are you showing us this now?? I believe kids do what they know…if they know that they can and should help those in need…they will!! Hopefully you can come up with a helping project that your kids can be proud to be a part of…whether through a school group, church or scout group, or even just as a family of compassionate people. There is need everywhere. Find where you can be of help – and go for it!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C





backpack troubles??

So now that you’ve had that parent/teacher conference, would you like some tips for organizing what goes in and out of that backpack?
Are you an ‘everyday checker’ or a ‘whatever checker’?? There can be some scary things in that backpack if you don’t stay on top of it everyday….late notes, study guides for tests, requests for information, and even some unrecognizable goo:(

a sample of backpacks in a hallway in an elementary school

This photo was taken after the kids emptied out the homework and snacks after they arrived at school. Notice how they’re just hanging open?? Might you have put some important note in there for the teacher??? Maybe some homework is still stuffed in the bottom and doesn’t make it to the teacher…anyway, just a suggestion to remind your children to zip their backpacks back up each time they leave them in their lockers or hallway.

something is about to fall out!!

Tip # 2 about backpacks:  Practice having 2 folders inside, one for work coming home and one for finished work and notes going back to school. If you start this organization early in the year, and if your child expects that you will look in that backpack sometime every night, your year should flow a little more smoothly…we hope:)

Finally Tip #3: When homework at night is completed and all notes have been signed, have your child zip up that backpack and put it by the back door for morning. The only thing left to do in the AM is add snacks and/or lunches and the day is off to a successful start!

Happy Parenting,
D and C