And We End up in Amsterdam!

We finished our Rhine River Cruise in Amsterdam…a lovely, but VERY busy city!! We stayed in an excellent hotel right in the middle of all the ‘happenings’!

Lots of canal time, visiting the Van Gogh museum, shopping, and eating delicious food!

a toast on our last night on the ship

M & R

C & W

K & J


the flower market

checking out the multitude of gin flavors

meeting the 'kiddos' at a great restaurant


And finally home to the little one…  So the next blog will be back to babies, kids, friends, helpful hints, and happiness!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Summertime and the livin’ is…outside:)

Summertime=outside fun for all!!

Today I’m giving you some repeat photos of outside summer fun since my upgraded computer doesn’t seem to recognize my scanner – How Rude!


I’ll have new…old photos of happy boys enjoying the summer soon, but for now, relax in “those lazy, crazy days of summer”…:)

out by the lake

helping out

we love campin'

we love the sun:)

riding bikes, puddles or not

playing with friends in a sandbox

relaxing by the pool...didn't happen often:)

Cape Cod Atlantic Ocean is cold!

fishin' with dad

hangin' out together

hmmm...what kind of trouble can we get into??

I love having these photo memories of summertime with my sweetie-pies…have lots of fun in the sun this summer with your family:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Tricycles and Training Wheels

Spring, Spring, yes?? no?? In Michigan you can never really be sure. We all need to take advantage of good weather whenever we see it, but I suppose that’s true wherever you live, huh?
Today the temperature might be 45 degrees…

workin’ that trike and ‘wheels’

Have the kids get out into the fresh air anyway…they love it!
Tomorrow the temp may be 60 degrees…

lovin’ riding together

Lighter jackets, but look at those smiles…out of the house, having fun!

riding those bikes to school

When the snow and ice are gone from the streets and sidewalks, off they go to school on their favorite mode of transportation!

riding rental bikes on Mackinac  Island

Riding bikes becomes even more fun when the kids are able to rent bikes while on vacation. They can help plan the route, decide where they would like to go, and have fun as a family.

are you ready?

Are you able to let your kids have messy fun??? Some of our most delightful times with the kids….spring puddles!!!   F2 and I had always loved walking in the rain and, yes, stomping through puddles…so we just naturally encouraged the kids to enjoy the same process. Here’s how it goes….have the kids put on junky (easily cleaned) clothing, get your camera out, and have them speed through any puddles they can find. This is what it looks like:


Does it look like fun??  So many giggles and shrieks! They LOVE it. They also love the ‘skunk stripe’ they get up the back of their shorts and shirts :)  Water and mud…sounds like boys, right? I’ll bet the girls would like it too.  And now, for the teachable moment…

When the kids finish riding through the puddles they have a job to do…every time!! They must hose down their bikes and then completely dry them before putting them away in the garage. This becomes a great lesson in how to take care of your things…explanations of what rust can do and how important it is to take responsibility for their own possessions. No slacking or whining allowed…make it fun, so they’ ll want to do it again!

Have fun with those kids this spring…don’t be afraid of dirt! Hurray for puddles!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C