Summer Fun??

Now that the kiddies are home for the summer….have some fun with them!! And use those teachable moments along the way…

A quote from Billy Graham makes perfect sense to me:

“A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.”

Here is a link to some fun summer ideas…  fun!

summer…whether you go away, stay at home, spend money or spend none…find the littlest things that will make you happy!! Remember to take photos because the memories become the best part of summer:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

More Halloween

Ready for more cute Halloween photos…pumpkins: the veggie kind and the sweetie-pie kind….

Super cute, right??

Love ‘em:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Summer Bedtime

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…. time to relax with the kids!!!  If the kids can remember that you are still in charge, there are still rules and boundaries, and happy doesn’t mean lazy…. the summer can be peaceful and satisfying for all.

One continuing summertime problem seems to be when is bedtime?…and if there is a discussion about it….why?

We always had a bedtime for the kids…during school, usually 8 or 9. During the summer, bedtime was later…but still scheduled. Boundaries continue to be important all year long. We, as the adults, got to decide if we had special evenings where we let the kids stay up later. But that always involved no whining or pleading to make us bend to their will….just wasn’t happening. Because they knew that wasn’t a way that worked with us, they stopped trying and began talking and discussing instead. Keeping them busy during the day does help with bedtimes in the evening!

Special evenings with sparklers, friends, cookouts, or sleepovers all became excuses for us to extend bedtimes because we wanted to, not because they whined at us.

I know when the kids get older this becomes more difficult, but our rule was if you can’t get up in the morning at a reasonable time then you must need to go to bed earlier at night!

Enjoy your summer….bedtimes and all :)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Kids on a Road Trip…

I imagine many of you will be traveling with the ‘younguns’ over this long weekend! Are you going to make it fun or will it be all trials and tribulations??? I’m hoping for the fun:)  As long as you lower your expectations for everything except manners, I’m thinking you can make the trip a delight for all:

neatness in the car...not a requirement...

the cleanest we can hope for...occasional clean hands!

young or old...hitting the tourist traps keeps kids entertained:)

when you have a tent, visiting your buddy's popup camper is a treat...


walking in a garden...

playing at the beach

Whatever you do in the car to interact….try to make it fun, but always take the opportunity to stop along the way. It may be the memory you treasure the most from your entire vacation:)

pushing mom and baby brother...what a big guy

checking out Paul Bunyan

don't believe their faces...they had fun!

cute, huh?

naps work too!

Making the most of your time together is so important. Say yes when you can…but never if there is whining involved. Say no when it’s required….and then do not back down. Remember every moment is a teaching moment. What do you want your kids to learn??


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Joyful Thursdays #18

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #18

Here are three things that make me happy and bring me joy:


1) finding old photos of family

2) finding old photos of travels

3) finding old photos full of memories

Definitely one of the things I love most in the world is photographs of people I love having fun…sigh:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Road Trips are Fun!

I’ll share a few photos from the old slides today…all about traveling with kids on road trips!!

before we got a big van...packed and, he didn't ride back there :) )

a lot of camping in tents...

playing in the leaves with buddies before the campfire starts...

stopping at Zubler's for souvenirs

traveling to the West...souvenirs are still important

getting to play at a 'tourist trap'

more souvenirs...Sea World often!

Mt. Rushmore, with cool sunglasses

at tahquahmenon falls

we love traveling near the water...

at the mackinac bridge

up North with TLG ....silly clothes party...

great trip to Cape Cod

my guys, hiking in the woods

Loved road trips….of all kinds….to lots of different places. They bring so many wonderful memories…and any difficulties fade as time passes:))))

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Old or New?

Some things get better with age, right? But some things disappear and others are definitely no longer ‘cool’.


I got a bit carried away checking through the old slides to see what I could find…lucky for you I quit after perusing a few thousand slides…so much fun to see what was popular 30 years ago! Still popular, or not? You get to decide:)

are sleds still fun??




Some people worry about…


weapons....hatchet, with a about binoculars!


learning how to 'fix' your gun at Grampa's

boys automatically know how to make a shooting sound!


dart guns...and a sit-and-spin!

Everyone loves….



another swing....and water!!

What about….


Christmas jumping jack toy


Some things look very different, but some stay the same…

roller skates...



and, of course, bikes....

and more bikes!

So….old or new….which ones are still around? These all provided me with great memories. I hope you save your precious memories for your future. Looking back is beautiful!

As a cute little side note: I found these 2 signs recently! Aren’t they ‘retro’ in a scary sort of way:))

nothing like healthy chocolate sauce...

I love this one!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

so many memories…

Many days, weeks, and even months later…I have now finished transferring thousands of slides to computer folders. Whew! Literally thousands…close to 5000!! I did no organizing…just transferring….that gives me much more work to do IN THE FUTURE!!  For now, I am just happy to have a task completed!!


Just a taste for you…some F2 scenery shots and pics from late 70′s to mid 80′s!


near the top of Mt. Rainier

camping in our 'huge' tent...'74 I think

just beauty

backpacking in an even smaller tent:)

stark beauty

When I tell you how much fun I’ve had looking through these old photos…just remember that I’m the one with over 35 regular albums filled with photos! I’ll have a hard time keeping all of these ‘new’ old photos on the computer…help me control myself, please!!!


Take as many photos as you can…you’ll love them far into the future!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Joyful Thursdays #1

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #1


Here are three things that bring me joy:


1) spring flowers in the winter…they make me smile

2) pot roast!!! Yup,  I learned how to make pot roast from my mother-in-law many years ago. It’s a recipe that the boys love. Here’s a beginning photo without an ending photo because we were too busy eating it:)

3) still working on those old slides…here are a couple:

on Cape Cod at the Tern Inn...just checked, it's still there!!

ocean, beach, and a joyful Scott:)

I hope you’re finding your own joy, day after day! Be happy!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Treasures Found…

Sifting through years of slides…converting them to digital format and on to the computer…whew!


I have transferred 3 of 36 rows of slides so far…all from the 80′s!! Most of them were turned into photo prints years ago, but some of them I don’t remember ever seeing before. What a treat that is! Keeping photos definitely saves memories of all kinds…here are a few!


This one would have been perfect for last Sunday…but, we’re still in the Happy New Year phase, right?

2 of the Torch Lake the 80's!

happy guys at our favorite Zubler's



I don't remember ever seeing it:)

aren't they cute??


and then one to warm a mother’s heart…


Lovin’ going through these slides!! I have completed 400, with a ton more to go….I think I’m going to have a good time:)


Enjoy those kids and time together. The memories are oh, so precious!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C