A Great Day

Finally a sunny fall day in Michigan!!!


It was a lovely day for completing tasks…for a change :)

I managed to make some pralines…from my mom’s written recipe!!

Then I had time to have the oil in the car changed and the tires rotated. After having the inside and outside of the car cleaned….I felt like I had a brand new car!!

This doesn’t sound like much, but sunshine leads to bursts of energy for me…while the rain and gloom we have had lately leads me to TV and books! Not that that’s a bad thing ;)


Loving the sun!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #22

Hurray for Super Saturday #22…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) helping Mom organize Carl’s video tapes…Tom, you are in trouble when you get here:)))))

After looking through 3 file cabinet drawers, one wooden cabinet, and a TV stand, I found well over 200 tapes!!!! Yikes!!

now, these are all family tapes

these are all space tapes

all 200 of these are for you, Tom, to check out to see if they need to be kept or pitched:))


2) spending time with these two lovelies…

aren't they cute?

3) another beautiful sunrise….don’t be too upset. It’s cloudy and raining right now…but still in the 70′s ;)

Have a beautiful and happy weekend!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #17

Hurray for Super Saturday #17…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) …at Arts and Apples last weekend…found some beautiful swings for relaxing…ahhh:))

2) ironing???   ….the cat says, “Noooo!”

3) sooo excited….tomorrow I get to see S and L’s new house!! Trying to get all those boxes out of the trucks and into a home:))


Have a wonderful day…enjoy those kids!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #11

Hurray for Super Saturday #11…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) skies are blue, days are warm, nights are cool…

my beautiful view!


2) all three showers are done…all were lovely…the presents are here, waiting for a move!    …3 weeks to go :)

3) exercise?? …me, happy about exercise?? of course not…I’m happy I only have 19 days of arm exercise to go!!!!!

sticky notes...a needed visual to make me complete my plan!!


Lots of reasons for happiness…can you find yours?


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Summer Chart

Would you like to try a behavior chart for the summer? Here is a chart developed by a teacher with the same last name as mine…but we are not related…at least physically!! We have both taught in the same school district and are very concerned with kids learning how to be good people. She has come up with a plan that she is using with her own children this summer involving tokens. It sounds pretty good to me. Want to give it a shot???

Developed by Casey Finkbeiner:


Creations by Casey photography of Romeo

cell/text 586-255-5969

outdoor settings~seasonal backgrounds~rustic, vintage props

$75 photo shoot includes digital enhancements

{photos uploaded to snapfish.com for ordering}


Here it is…

Summer 2013

Finkbeiner Token Economy System


In the real world, adults work to earn an income.  They are employees and consumers.

Consumers spend income on expenses they want and need, or they save for the future.

Consumers have to pay for goods and services they use, plus they may pay fines for breaking the rules, such as being late with a payment, or breaking a law.

Employees are not paid for work that is done in an unsatisfactory manner, such as rushing through work.




1 token  = 1 hour of game/screen time

1 token =  $1.00 to spend at the store

1 token = 1 movie ticket

1 token = 1 DQ treat or Slushee

1 token = $1.00 offering to church REQUIRED weekly

*Save  50 tokens and deposit $60 to the bank!*


You may cash in your tokens at any time, but you must have at least 5 remaining in case of fines so you are not overdrawn.


You do not get paid simply for following the rules of the household.


Sources of income for boys:

ü  Vacuum living room, stairs, upstairs hall, 3 bedrooms= +1 token

ü  Vacuum basement stairs and basement= +1 token

ü  Sweep kitchen, hall, laundry, bathroom= +1 token

ü  Dust all living room surfaces and banister, clean glass doors at front and back = +1 token

ü  Polish stainless appliances, polish wooden cupboards=+1 token

ü  Polish barstools, chairs, and dining table=+1 token

ü  Change and wash the bedding in your room=+1 token

ü  Wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry = +1 token

ü  Sweep deck, porch, sidewalks and gazebo = +1 token

ü  Clean garage, organize bikes and toys, sweep floor = +1 token

ü  Wipe 4 sinks and counters in bathrooms, clean 3 toilets = +1 token

ü  Scrub 2 tubs, wipe 3 bathroom floors, shake rugs = +1 token

ü  Empty dishwasher & take out garbage =+ 1 token

ü  Carry in groceries and assist in putting food away = +1 token


Sources of income for Josie:

ü  Feed pets = +1 token

ü  Get the mail = +1 token

ü  Put away laundry = +1 token

ü  Keep bunny pen clean = +1 token

ü  Empty small garbage cans = +1 token


Some great ideas, huh? Now the plan is to figure out how to send this to pinterest…if it doesn’t work, please send me suggestions!! Still learning, you know:)))

Have fun giving it a try:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #4

Hurray for Super Saturday #4…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


1) leaves and plants growing green .. that amazing spring-time green

2) completing a particular task….writing invitations, affixing labels, buying supplies….any task that can be checked off the list…magic!!

3) for those of you who have loved reading Robert B. Parker books for many years and have been saddened by his death…take heart!! The author who has been given permission to use his name by his estate…Ace Atkins, does a fantastic job using the same familiar characters and the same sarcastic humor we have become used to. The latest book, “Wonderland”, feels just like a Robert B. Parker Spenser book.   Love it:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Are There Senior Citizens in Your Life?

Since beginning to deliver Meals on Wheels to seniors last July, I have noticed that MANY of them have inoperable doorbells. Because a high percentage of them also have some difficulties with hearing, vision, and/or mobility they are not always aware when someone is at their door. Those visitors who are at the door cannot tell whether someone is home…and just arriving slowly….or whether they are not at home.


Because I call them before leaving I can tell how many times they might have missed out on someone at the door. Sooo, here’s a thought for those of you with elderly relatives or neighbors. Check their doorbells and make sure they are both working and loud. If they are not, consider buying a new wireless doorbell for them.


After T got one for my mom in Florida, I decided to get one for myself (my doorbell has been erratic for years). Wow! What a difference! And it’s so easy to install!!


This part plugs in to any outlet you choose and can be moved at any time:

It has a very loud chime…with choices for 1 bell, a double bell, or a Westminster chime. It is totally wireless.

The actual doorbell attaches either with double-sided tape or screws, both of which are included.

I bought 2 of these for 2 of the Meals on Wheels folks…partly for them and partly for all those who deliver. They work so well, and the seniors were very happy for the gift (they actually wanted to pay for them…but my idea, my money). I found my on Amazon…should cost less than $20:))


Check out the seniors in your lives…see if these wireless doorbells might be a tiny act of kindness for them:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

So You Wanted Recipes!

I guess I got told!!! Apparently it is rude to post photos of great food without including the recipes….oops:)) Who knew???

Soooo, here’s the recipe for this delicious cobbler:

Yes, I found this on Pinterest…yummy!

You need: 1 16-oz. pkg. of any kind of frozen fruit ( I have used peaches and dark cherries). Place the frozen fruit in the bottom of a 9×13 pan.

Then a package of white or yellow cake mix. Sprinkle it, as is, over the fruit in the pan.

Finally, a can or equivalent amount of 7Up, Sprite, Squirt…whatever…it also can be diet!!  Pour over the dry cake mix enough to wet everything.

Do not stir!!!

Bake for about an hour, 350 degrees.

That’s it…delicious!

Now for Spaghetti Salad…lots of different names, but that’s what we call it. This recipe comes from a long-time friend who gave the recipe to F2. Our family loves it!!


Cook 1 lb. of spaghetti

While that is cooking  combine these ingredients:

1 green pepper, chopped

1 cucumber, chopped

1-3 tomatoes, chopped

1 bottle of McCormack’s Salad Supreme

1 cup of Parmesan cheese

1/2 of 8oz. bottle of Wishbone Italian dressing


Add in drained and cooled spaghetti(run under cool water)

Mix and refrigerate.

When ready to serve, add rest of Italian dressing.

Everyone seems to love it:))


Whew! Have I taken care of my obligations now??



Happy Parenting!

D and C

Intentions, Past and Future

Year #2 of doing a List of Intentions (instead of resolutions) is now complete. It is so much easier, and less stressful, to set your goals in terms of intentions. Then if your goal is not completed…it just continues into the next year.

For this past year, I had 21 intentions and completed 18!!! Not bad, at least in my own mind…

Some of the things I completed:

giving blood again

beginning to do Meals on Wheels

taking piano lessons

not quite ready for this, but I can play some 'Phantom' songs, Unchained Melody, and Somewhere in Time. :)

having the house (many rooms) scraped and painted

made recipe folders for the boys…they included some handwritten recipes from my gramma and from my mom’s great aunt.

bought and used a shredder

converted old slides for the computer

worked on geneology photos for books


and many others….  writing them down for you each year helps keep me on track, but just calling them intentions makes all the difference to me.


Do you have any intentions for this year? Make them all positive…such as, keep weight below present # instead of lose weight….easier on your brain and emotions:))


Good Luck!

Happy Parenting!

D and C


Do you think that having a sense of responsibility will be of help to your children in their futures? Most of us would say, “Of course!”  So how can we as parents encourage this wonderful life skill? Start when they’re young and never quit!

helping in the yard

There will always be chores to do, whether we like it or not!!?!

at all times of the year

So helping those little ones learn to “just do it” is such a gift to them. None of us wants to do chores; but we can choose to be miserable about it, procrastinate, be stressed and feel guilty – OR – we can find a method that works for us to make doing chores tolerable. Find that method for yourself, and then try lots of methods out on your kids. Remember that all kids are different – musically inclined, athletically inclined, dramatically inclined – whatever turns them on: USE IT!


Through the Quantum Learning program that Chad and I attended, we learned about 1-song breaks. I used this method in my classroom often:) When kids are involved in their work, leave them alone; but if you notice them becoming antsy, having wandering eyes, losing concentration – use the 1-song break. You, as the adult, pick a peppy CD without showing the kids. Have them pick a number from 1-14(the number of tracks on the CD). Then play that track. For the entire song, the kids and the adult must dance or march around the room to the music, no running, no talking, no touching. The first few times you do this, you really have to tease and encourage them into it. After that, they love it! When the song is almost done, slowly lower the volume until it is silent. The kids then go directly back to work. It’s amazing how much their concentration on the task improves. Try this in a classroom or in your home!!

in the garage...

Try different methods – stop and shoot baskets, draw, read, dress up, whatever your children love to do: 20 minutes of work, 10 minutes of play. SET THE TIMER!

or on vacation...

If your children ask to help with something you’re doing: Let them!! Whatever it is they want to do gives you the opportunity to teach them new skills and spend time together:)  Who cares if the dusting isn’t done to your standards? If you can keep quiet about that, you will have helped to build your children’s confidence in themselves.

When your kids have been doing chores as a normal part of their day from the time they were little, they naturally continue expecting to do them as they get older. Let them feel the achievement and accomplishment of completing tasks.

Give your children the ‘gift’ of learning responsibility. Once learned, always ingrained, and then thoroughly appreciated:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C