Corn and Eggs…

Corn and eggs? No, not together! I just have to share these two important summer ‘findings’ !!!

Many of you will have already seen them on blogs or pinterest, but for those of you who haven’t seen them yet – Eureka!

1)  hardboiled eggs…by baking!

I love deviled eggs but rarely make them. I have a hard time cooking them correctly…is the water boiling enough, covered or not, remove from heat..maybe…how many minutes…arghhh! The eggs would often not turn out correctly. So the new plan: Take the eggs directly out of the carton and put them either right on the oven racks or in muffin tins in a 350 oven and bake for 25-30 minutes. Take out and put in ice water, then proceed normally for whatever recipe you need. It’s amazing! Perfectly cooked eggs:)  If you have slight scorched spots just remove them with a knife..they are just on the surface!  See!

a dozen eggs...2 dozen deviled eggs :)


2) corn on the cob…the easy way

for any number of ears…take the corn still in the husk and put in the microwave…cook 4 minutes per ear. Then remove, they will be hot. Cut the stalk end off about 2 rows into the kernels (husk still on). With a towel or potholder, grab on to the silk end and shake the cob out – you may have to slice the husk a little to allow the corn to slide out. When the corn slides out it has no silk on it…since you are holding it in your other hand!! Amazing! This is perfect when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen with boiling water or when you only want one ear of corn. I love it!

cook, then cut right end, hold left end and slide corn out...

I hope you love these 2 tips…anything to make your days easier!

Happy Parenting!

D and C



Joyful Thursdays #28

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #28


Here are three things that make me happy and bring me joy:


1) the youngest of the ‘Torch Lake Kids’ is getting married this summer, so we had a bridal shower for her and her hubby-to-be….theme: entertaining in Michigan

the lovely couple:)

party favors

ribs with a root beer glaze...yum!


lots of fun

It was so much fun…great people, delicious food, and a beautiful day….

2) lunch with friends today and again tomorrow…nice!!

3) I delivered my first Meals on Wheels today…whew! The first time is stressful!!! Twelve meals, different locations, different wishes…go to the back door, ring the east side bell, drive around to the back of the house. Yikes! It will be much easier next time when I know exactly where I am going and what the folks want me to do:)))   I think I will like this…only every other Thursday! Do you think I can handle this???

Keep those smiles going…they are great examples for your kids!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Joyful Thursdays #27

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #27


Here are three things that make me happy and bring me joy:


1) celebrating another Torch Lake kid’s 30th birthday…Happy Birthday, Em:)

2) watchin’ S at work…leading the project in Rochester

3) watchin’ C get some obnoxious peeling paint fixed at my house…

ceilings that look like this...

LOTS of scraping involved...

yuck, right?

Yes, I’m definitely thankful for people I care about:)

Happy Parenting!

D and C


Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Because I have a special post ready for Thursday, I thought I’d give you a little mixture of Happiness Tuesdays with Joyful Thursdays today….can’t help myself!!


Remember last week that Chad was painting the guest room…well here are a couple of the ‘after’ photos:

nice, huh?


old rocking horse and chair were F2's

I wound up with brand new white closet doors also…I love it!! It’s so much more fun to walk into that room now. Guests are coming this week…excited:))

And for excitement number 2….these are my dad’s baby shoes which means they are over 90 years old! Aren’t they special??

Number 3 of the things that make me happy will be posted on Thursday. So be ready!! Life is Good:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Work Ethic – Part 2

A little more info on ways we encouraged a strong work ethic in our kids:

All 4 of us…parents and kids…spent most Saturday mornings doing chores – yardwork, housework, building, cleaning, improving! F2 was the leader of our pack! As soon as breakfast was done, the boys headed off to help…usually Dad. He taught them so many skills when they were young enough to love learning them. Then they continued to help and use those skills even when it was no longer such a treat. But that work ethic has continued to enhance their lives and make them responsible, independent adults. We would finish chores and then head off for some family fun…go to the park, play on the swings, feed the ducks…anything we could find to let loose!!

if you can work it out right...everyone will help:)

I love how the boys learned to believe in the benefits of hard work! They are amazing young men…I am so proud of them!!!!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

work ethic – part 1

I am so proud of my boys…ahem…I mean, young men! They have a crazy-good work ethic. Besides doing a bang-up job in their careers, they love to work on their houses and yards, on vehicles of all kinds, and on projects involving artistic and building talents. Once they start a project they have a hard time stopping…even to eat! They are also very conscientious about doing things correctly. They learned the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy from their dad when they were young.

Here are a few photos to show some of the ways we tried to instill the idea that working and helping is part of what you do as a family:

helping to clean that basement...

what can we build?

cleaning out the dresser??

emptying the dishwasher...

helping at the sink...

get rid of that wallpaper!

everyone loves to clean out the fireplace, right?


Tune in soon for part 2, showing what the kids ‘got’ to help with outside…


Happy Parenting!

D and C

End of the Year Checklist

Did you accomplish what you wanted to this year? Did your children? How about checking a few things to see if you kept on track….


Did you clean and organize? Did your kids help you and learn to do their own?

clean out that dresser!

removing wallpaper can be hard....

Did you learn a few new recipes and get the kids involved with the measuring and chopping? Great for math and reading skills:)

making Christmas cookies

Did you choose some things to donate to others? Did your children get to do that with their own toys and clothing? The ‘giving mentality’ lasts a long time!

how many toys can I find in here?

Did you read, read, read to them and with them? You will never regret the time you spend with your children, no matter how old they are….

Did you show the kids how to take care of their things by letting them help you take care of yours?  Cleaning garages or houses….fixing cars or sewing clothes…dusting, baking, vacuuming, learning to use screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches…tools of all kinds. When kids are very little, they really want to help. As they get older….not so much:)    But if they are already in the habit of helping, it just comes more naturally.

helping in the basement

learning how to mow the lawn:)

helping build a trailer

workin' in the yard

Can I do it???

always fun...washing cars

Now is the time to check out what you and your children have done this year. Have you both learned what you would have hoped for?? Great…keep it up! Every little bit of learning will show up in their futures! Have fun with them and teach them what you want them to know!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Kids Can Help + Christmas Share – Day 8

This time of year many schools take part in activities involved in helping others. What does your school do? What about your family? Do you care about others? What do your kids believe about ‘Giving’ and ‘Kindness to Others’ ?
I often read this book, The Goodness Gorillas, to the students at my school all during the year, but the message is a great one now when children hear more about what people can do to help others. They need to learn to start small – with things that cost nothing. It’s easy!! They can help by being extra kind to those in your family…doing chores without being asked, to your neighbors…shoveling snow, to people at school…smiling more. The good feeling the kids get by helping can grow into wanting to help in other areas — Senior Centers, Humane Societies, Cancer or Heart Associations, Wigs for Kids, Shelters, Food Banks — and on and on. LET THEM HELP!! The more they can help with their own hands or their own money, the better.
Let the Goodness Gorillas begin :)

Have your kids find happiness by helping others. It’s a wonderful trait to start when they’re young!

And now for Day 8 of our 25 Days of Christmas. Join Alida from “Radcrafter” for a DIY Ribbon Stocking.

Alida says,

“I did it. Oh yeah, I can cross hang the Christmas stockings off the
checklist. Yay! For those of you who read this little blog, you know I
mentioned previously that this was a major TO-DO on the Christmas
checklist this year. If you’re just checking in, you can read more
about that here. And, after lots of online oogling and book reading (I’m
always reading crafting, decorating books, etc) it finally came to me.
My idea was to merge a simple stocking pattern found online with a
pillow design that discovered in an old Martha Stewart decorating book.
These stockings are lined, only require a few supplies and require minimum sewing skills to create.  Visit to create your own ribbon Christmas stocking…”

Happy Parenting and Christmas Sharing,
D and C

Checklist: Chores

Beginning of the year or beginning of the school year…maybe we could all use some reminders on how to handle chores:)

This is a repost from January:

There are many different types of chores, all very important. Here are a few:
1. Type 1 is the everyday chore: the one you want your kids to do everyday – duh, sorry, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Anyway…brushing teeth, making bed, feeding dog, clearing the table, or whatever you want the kids to do based on age and developmental abilities…all become everyday chores. Do you have a chore chart??

from Current, Inc.

Charts can be very helpful in encouraging kids to want to do their jobs. Use old-fashioned stickers or markers or make up a check-off program on the computer to keep track of success.  Then use a small treat as an incentive at the end of the week if all chores are completed…the dollar stores are helpful in choosing!

2. Type 2 chore is the now-and-then chore:
the overflowing basement toy box

When the toy box is overflowing, the bedroom is a mess, the bookcase is empty because the books are all over the floor, or any other area that is “theirs” needs work…….Have the kids set a timer for 20 minutes at a time. Say, “Let’s work hard for 20 minutes, then you can do something fun for 10 minutes.” Make sure that you work with them to keep them going. As they get older you can leave them alone to work for longer periods of time but not unless they have copied your work ethic for quite a while. The 20 minute intervals continue until the job is done, or until you’re worn out.

is the job done yet???

3. The Type 3 chore is one where the kids help the family do household jobs. These jobs encourage being a part of a productive family and give children a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and pride.

helping clean out the fireplace

4. The Type 4 chore is kids helping with an adult project. They can help Dad build a trailer or help Mom organize photos – anything that gives them an opportunity to see the work that the family members do and to learn how that work ethic works. It also gets them out of that couch potato rut. The younger you put them to work with you, the better. As they get older, whether they like it or not, they’ll consider helping to be a normal part of the family routine.

helping with a garage project

5. The Type 5 chore involves learning skills they can use in the future: changing a bicycle tire, baking cookies, raking leaves, folding laundry. If they will use the skill in the future, then they should begin learning it early as a part of a loving family experience.

fixing a flat tire

Try to keep the idea of doing chores as pleasant a task as possible…I know, that sounds ridiculous, right? But…turn on the music, laugh with each other, lighten up!!! It doesn’t have to be drudgery. Remember, you are the role model. If you’re a grouchy worker, they will be too!!! Be happy, be positive!

With school starting up again, some sort of structure will be helpful in the continuing battle to teach responsibility, both at school and at home:)

Happy Parenting,
D and C 






A Perfect Baby Gift

Maybe this would be the perfect find if you’re looking for a baby shower gift or new-baby-home-from-the-hospital gift:


This Amazon site:  “How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths” now allows you to look inside the book to see what tips might help you or those you know.


….and if by chance you are a perfect parent and never need any helpful hints to make your life easier – anyone? anyone? – copies could surely be shared with others:

- that sister or sister-in-law

- your children who are now parents

- teachers at your kids’ schools

- church groups

- day care areas

- dance studios

- anywhere that children and their parents congregate


Once you check out the book, or before, come check out our website and blog at Childhood Myths where you can learn about our workshops for parents and teachers and about our Sassy Kids Home Parties.


Have fun while reinforcing good habits!

We hope you'll love it and share it with others:)

Happy Parenting!

D and C