Sunshiny Sunday #6

Here we go with three awesome and wonderful things that make me happy:

1) It is always exciting to see a launch of any kind while in Florida…this time an Atlas delivering GPS satellites!

2) Friends from school surprising me for my birthday…love them!!!

3) sweetie pie, growing up so fast…it’s hard to believe!! She makes me laugh :) :)

cool in her shades!!

trying to share with the kitty

…and because I only have boys…I get to play with her hair…Boy, do I need practice?!?

but she sure is cute!!

Find your sunny times…whether they come from outside or inside!!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

95 and sunny…

The 95 refers to this lovely lady who had a birthday while I was in Florida last week…. as in years old, not quite the temperature :)

Happy Birthday, Mom

lookin' good Mom!!


…and with her new great-granddaughter

Now for the sunny….I spent time in sunny Florida with my TLG buddies…so much fun!!

lots of friends…

lots of restaurants and beautiful skies…

We were lucky enough to see the launch of a SpaceX rocket to resupply the Space Station…

Cheers to all!!

Happy Parenting,

D and C

The Grands…

How about an up-date on these two lovely people??

smiling at the rehab center

When we visited Carl today he was happy as a clam! We gave him a cheese biscuit from Red Lobster…took him a minute before he decided he liked it, but then…yum!

Grabbing the hand of his ‘sweetie-pie’….while holding on to that biscuit!

Mom gave Carl this Jamaica hat to wear instead of the LA cap he wouldn’t give up…he says it’s ‘ok’…

Mom is back home in her condo now continuing to improve from hip surgery after a fall. She spent 3 1/2 months in the rehab with Carl for therapy…lots of pain, but they spent much of every day together and enjoyed that!

She has a wonderful neighbor who is keeping tabs on her and helping her with things she can’t yet handle on her own.

wonderful Irene


She has amazed everyone with her recovery!!!  94 and hanging in there!!

We went to happy hour for snacks and a bit of bingo…yup, I said bingo ;)

Carl took this photo for us :)


Here Mom is, looking feisty…using her walker in the house and a cane and someone’s arm outside the house.

We are all very proud of her hard work in doing way better than anyone thought she could! Now, if we can just get her to slow down and take the advice of the professionals…we could rest a little easier!!

Way to go, Mom!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Sharing a few photos

Mom and Carl…at the rehab center
with Dan
with me
and the 4 of us:)
love my mom…


Mom is having some gains in pain management..whew…that has been really hard for her! Physical therapists are happy about her efforts. Sooo, we are on a positive path, I think!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Beauty in the Sky

A modpodge today of skies ….

Late afternoon sky

same evening, sunset

next morning, sunrise

Beautiful, Beautiful! Helps bring calm and peace…


Happy Parenting!

D and C

A New “Adventure” ?

We all know that stuff happens, right? Well..currently, stuff is happening! In the midst of wonderful happenings involving weddings and babies…major excitements…my 94-year old mom tripped over a curb and broke her hip!!


Now I know what most of you are thinking..well, sure, 94..happens to a lot of old folks! Let me set you just a little bit straight:)) My mother is definitely not an old lady!! She doesn’t tell people her age, so most think she’s somewhere in her early 80′s! She still drives, lives by herself since her husband had to enter a rehab center a couple of years ago, socializes, eats out, and visits her hubby! She is always dressed ‘to the nines’ and never goes without makeup!

So hearing that she was in the hospital and would be having hip surgery was difficult. After 3 nights in the hospital she was transferred to the same rehab where Carl is…for physical therapy on that hip.

arriving at the rehab…Tom and Krista in attendance:))


Here she is meeting up with her sweetie:

he has been so concerned about her…


…with Tom and Carl…

first day in rehab…all smiles!

Mornings have not been the best side of the adventure….her nights are filled with pain and misery, much of it caused by medication issues. It’s hard to see her in the mornings, because she feels so bad.

But…. after she is dressed and in her wheelchair, she perks right up and the day improves! Whew!

pretty mama

handsome Carl..

smiling for the camera

Mom and I just being silly…

…and the 3 of us…

I sure wish the night time was as good for her as the daytime! I spent the night with her last night…just help alleviate some of her anxiety! It did help a bit…she was much quieter, but she definitely didn’t have great sleep until about 4:30 this morning….she is still sleeping now!! I’m so happy about that! I will stay with her until she wakes up so she knows I didn’t leave her!

Meetings at the rehab with all the staff concerned with her care: 11:00 this morning

I will keep you informed…please send along your very special thoughts and prayers for my mom!

Thank You,


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Super Saturday #41

Hurray for Super Saturday #41…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) the sun….rising, setting, anywhere, anytime:

2) beach stuff…

3) family….

Have a happy Saturday along with me:))


Happy Parenting,

D and C

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Busy, busy mom….hanging out with Carl and hanging out with me…as beautiful as always!!

She is pretty amazing…living by herself, driving (and safely) to  lunch or dinner or church or shopping, socializing with her Cocoa Beach friends, still lots of energy. She is still not really telling her age…but I think that I can at this stage since she should be very proud of it!!!   Shhhh…..94!! I told you she was amazing:))

Happy Birthday, Mom! Lots of Love!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Things that bring me joy….every day all day….

isn't this beautiful??

my buddies:))


Isn’t it fun?????


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #34

Hurray for Super Saturday #34…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) home from Florida…love to be home, but they certainly do have some beautiful sunrises!

2) spending time with Mom…lots of ‘eating out’ time and time with Carl…looking at photos from an album, writing in everyone’s names…he loved it!

3) …and this cute photo from FaceBook…who could resist??

Enjoy your day…good weather or bad…work on that fake smile if necessary. After all, your brain can’t tell the difference in why those facial muscles are smiling….might just make you improve your mood!!! Give it a try:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C