Switzerland is gorgeous!

Hi All,

I have been missing from the blog world for a year!! So how about a post about a recent vacation that started in Lucerne, Switzerland. Talk about a beautiful country….rivers, mountains, and also wonderful food and people!!

We spent 3 nights in Lucerne and traveled to 2 different mountain areas. The city itself is busy but quaint in its own way, and the mountains are amazing. I have some pics to share, but they will never show you the beauty that we saw! Incredible!

in the city with its famous bridge

on our way into the mountains

in the city of Interlaken

already in the clouds

Highest train station in Europe...Jungfraujoch

one view from the top

entering the Ice Palace, a huge ice tunnel through the mountain, impressive!

many ice sculptures in the tunnel

love this!

back in Lucerne...busy, right?

more of Lucerne

on our way up Mt. Pilatus

so awesome

my buddies at the mountain top

see that tiny church way down there??

yup, it says 48% grade!! Double cogwheel!

surprised myself (afraid of heights) sticking my head out

ferry ride back on Lake Lucerne

That's where we were...the mountains in the background!!


It was an amazing 3 days before we began our Rhine River Cruise…more on that later, but I will tell you this was my favorite part of the whole trip!!

Perhaps now I can try to post a bit more…not only about my trip, but also about my beautiful granddaughters, and about all those things I am so grateful for!!

Stay tuned!!

Happy Parenting,

D and C



Sharing Birthdays for the First Time

The new Uncle Chad….sharing birthday time with beautiful new baby Avery:

Uncle Chad holding sweet little one…


and many more pics…of my new granddaughter… :-D   :-D  lots of smiles all around!!

with mommy and daddy :)

sharing her feelings!!

with her beautiful mommy!

with her delighted gramma :)

hi, daddy!!

…and again!

with Aunt Shannon, too!

sweet baby :)

check out that cute face on her pants!!

getting ready to change those diapers…daddy's an expert!!


pretty mama

the 'big sister' puppy!!

sure, if the diaper's changed, I'll hold her again!!

Uncle Chad says he’s happy to share birthday adventures with his new niece….she’s a keeper in all of our hearts!! Thanks, S and L, for sharing your wee one with us!!!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Love ‘em:)


My sweet Carl…


Fun in the sun

Check out the fun!!





Delicious Memories

We had a wonderful time in Colorado…
Beautiful scenery:

Great food:

Wonderful friends:

Happy Parenting!
D and C







Beauty in the Skies!

Sooo much beauty…when you look for it! Keep looking, beauty is all around us







Beautiful Days with Buddies

Lovely weather and company!!




Zoo stuff

Zoo stuff




More to come later:)

Happy Parenting!
D and C

Christmas Share – Day 23

Well, hello there!
I’m McCall from Lee, Me, and the Girls,
and I fully believe that no part of the year carries more traditions than Christmas.
From the food to the family, we all want the holiday season to be special and fun.
On December 23rd, I’ll be posting about some of my  favorite traditions
as well as some I wish were my traditions.
And most importantly, I’ll be talking about the traditions that help us keep in mind the true meaning of this wonderful time of year.
I hope you’ll join me, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!