Wine Tasting…with a Baby !!

This past weekend my darling family treated me to a family wine tasting tour in the Traverse City area. Two sons, two daughters-in-love, one adorable granddaughter, and me…exciting adventure for all!! We left on Thursday and returned on Sunday. This was a Christmas gift for me from the kids, and what a treat it was!!! They are all so much fun to be with!

a beautiful sunny day with my loves!!


They rented a lovely house in Leland, a block from town and a block from the beach…perfect!!

walking into town…and Fishtown

snuggled in and ready to go :)

The first day we hit 4 wineries and 2 distilleries!!

trying a breadstick..

couple #1

couple #2

me with my guys

We had so much fun visiting all the  beautiful vineyards!

baby's sleeping during this tasting

the guys and their favorite 'taste'

At the Blue Tractor inTraverse City for lunch…experimenting with a lemon!!

whoa!! but after this first taste she was just fine with it :)

This is what our counter looked like after the first day…yikes!

The second day we visited the beach, Fishtown, Glen Arbor, and a couple more wineries…

heading to the beach

trail is not meant for a stroller!

hi from the beach!!

can you see the bugs??? Yuck, swarming!!

didn't bother her!

throwing competition!!

delicious sandwiches at Fishtown…while baby naps

Then off to Glen Arbor:

a little more wine tasting

a snack at Boonedock’s

she says, "Happy Father's Day, Daddy!"

Then back toward Leland to our favorite winery, Chateau Fontaine

This was the counter at the end of day 2!!

The time we spent together in the house was so precious…loved it all!

Thanks, my darling family, for an absolutely perfect vacation with the perfect people!!

Happy Parenting,

D and C

Christmas Plans

How about a recap from one of the first blog posts from Childhood Myths??   December, 2010

How did those letters go that your kids wrote to Santa? Did they ask for too much…did you help them adjust?

1. Kids do not ‘need’ lots of toys – help them see the difference in needs and wants early. Make sure they understand that they will not get everything on that list, nor should they. Santa has many children to give to and shares his toys around the world.

2. Do not give your children all that they ask for. It saps the excitement from each moment because they begin to understand that, no matter what, they really will get it all.

3. Christmas morning at our house was always “stockings first”. The kids had to wake us up so we could go downstairs together for our stocking stuffers…small things – fruit, matchbox cars, socks. Everything was ‘oohed’ over and appreciated.

not really awake, but ready!
older, and much more ready…with Corky


4. When we, as a family, opened gifts under the tree it was always one gift at a time. Everyone watched until that gift was opened, then we moved on to the next, including Mom and Dad. We alternated gifts from Santa and ones from parents. The kids knew they needed the right grateful attitude when opening presents…or we just might stop;)

5. All during the holidays have the kids help. Chad and Scott helped make cookies, cook, wrap presents for others, straighten up. After Christmas Day see if the kids can find toys they’re ready to let go of (ones their new gifts can replace). Have them go with you to drop these things off at a shelter or another organization that helps people.

still in jammies, but helping up a storm!


Try to instill that attitude of gratitude early. It can begin to enhance their ability to think of others on their own as they get older.

Christmas brotherly love :)


Good luck during the holidays with gratitude!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

…and because it’s necessary…a photo op for new Christmas baby:





Another TLG Shower

Our TLG celebrated this lovely couple:

D & C, aren't they cute?


a shower in preparation for their October wedding…

having fun, as usual!!

Held at this home:

fantastic hosts, as usual!!

Eating, opening presents, playing with little ones, enjoying each other’s company…always!!


Gramma and Granddaughter!


my sweeties...

…and everyone heading out…

All of our TLG get-togethers are wonderful, but special ones .. like wedding or baby showers… are fantastic, emotional, and lovely. We all love our second generation so much…and the third too!!


Happy Parenting….always!

D and C

Super Saturday #31

Hurray for Super Saturday #31…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) McDonalds…every morning…breakfast burrito and coffee , yum!!!

2) received this great stamper with my return address on it…so cute!!

3) this beautiful scarf has been very handy in the cold we’ve been having…warm and cozy…thanks, AK!!

What makes you happy? What are you grateful for? There are always things to be joyful about…are you finding them? Share joy with your kids!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Holiday ‘Presence’

Ideas for creating that joy on Christmas morning that we all are longing for….  past post #2:


Now that your children’s gifts to others are taken care of … see previous post… what do you want to do about their gifts from you and from Santa?

If your kids know that you buy them some gifts that you want to be surprises for them, you can give them some tips about not looking around for presents because of the chance of “wrecking the surprise”. If they can learn to delay gratification and wait for surprises, their Christmas mornings will be sooo exciting, and they will have developed a useful character trait.

If they’re not looking for your gifts, they won’t ‘accidentally’ find Santa’s gifts!!!

I had always thought that Chad and Scott didn’t snoop when Christmas came around because they liked to be surprised. Wrong!! I just discovered that…instead… they were nervous that if they found  surprise gifts we wouldn’t let them have them!! I’m sure we never said that exactly, but they could tell from our voices that snooping was not a good thing.

If you want Santa to last…always keep separate wrapping paper, labels, bows – only to be used by Santa. At our house, Santa wrapped some gifts and left others unwrapped by the tree – and other unwrapped trinkets in the Christmas stockings. Last minute wrapping of Santa’s gifts is always a great idea.

It’s less confusing if all family gifts are wrapped ahead of time with the whole family involved (and in our house put away until Christmas Eve). So all you need to be concerned with on Christmas Eve after the children go to bed is wrapping Santa’s gifts and arranging the presents under the tree.

whether the presents are wrapped by Mom and Dad
or by Santa
or left unwrapped by Santa
or packages from friends and families

Make sure your kids appreciate each gift individually. More to come in Part 3!!

If you do appreciate the idea of giving, whether through Santa or through another avenue, planning ahead of time is always important. Family values come first!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

The Story of the Ring

On Saturday’s post I mentioned the emotional story of the ring….

So now…for the story:

Chad, the groom’s brother, and Lauren, the bride-to-be, came up with a plan for Scott’s wedding ring that would have meaning and an emotional impact on all of us!! We gave Lauren the CMU class ring that belonged to F2 ( the groom’s dad and our everything…who died in ’96). She found someone who would melt it down and incorporate it…and the gold from her great-grandmother’s earrings…into the metal of the ring. So the ring now represents the melding of the families forever. Chad then designed an inscription for the inside of the ring….a play on F2′s signature with an initial D hidden there for me, and a line around the entire inside of the ring for a continuing signature. Lauren wrote a MOST beautiful letter to Scott which she was going to read to him at the rehearsal dinner…couldn’t do it, she had to ask Scott to read it out loud to everyone, while she sniffled emotionally in the background….actually everyone was sniffling in the background. They have a wonderfully emotional group of friends who appreciate the sentimental!!

reading the letter



Lauren showed me the ring at one of the showers…



Scott will wear this very special ring for very special occasions….since he also received an every day ring for bumming around!!!

Scott was so amazed and in awe of the sentimentality that went into making this ring!! I loved watching him watching Lauren…with LOVE in his eyes:))) It was so special. He said it was the best surprise he’s ever had…sigh:))



Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #11

Hurray for Super Saturday #11…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) skies are blue, days are warm, nights are cool…

my beautiful view!


2) all three showers are done…all were lovely…the presents are here, waiting for a move!    …3 weeks to go :)

3) exercise?? …me, happy about exercise?? of course not…I’m happy I only have 19 days of arm exercise to go!!!!!

sticky notes...a needed visual to make me complete my plan!!


Lots of reasons for happiness…can you find yours?


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Final bridal shower…TLG:)

Our 400th post!!!  Special in many ways:))))


The last shower for Scott and Lauren…put on by the best friends ever, our Torch Lake Group!  We love them all sooo much! Thanks for always being there for us!!

the happy sweeties!

a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting

Lauren and her mom Mary

delicious stuffed mushrooms

...and crab puffs!

L with 'the moms'

S having fun with baby M

L's turn with little M

Scott and Lauren with Mary and George

aren't they cute?

TLG fun

more fun...

ready for gifts???

insider joke...we love these mugs!

special gift...from afar:)

gorgeous, right?

the BEST kids ever!!!



An amazing day for an amazing couple!! It was a perfectly lovely shower with our TLG family!

Happy Parenting….from a very happy parent!!!

D and C


Super Saturday #10

Hurray for Super Saturday #10…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) a bridal shower with some of Lauren’s family…

L with her mom


beautiful tables

lots of L's aunts and

2) anniversary #5 for some very special people…

ready for date night...


with their cute little munchkin…

checking out some cereal...hmmm

3) a lovely quote from Maya Angelou:

“Precious jewel, you glow, you shine, reflecting all the good things in the world.”


Life is Good!  :)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

A Lovely Day

I had a delightful day yesterday with my favorite people in the whole world…these guys:

We had brunch where these two will be married this summer:

C and S:

with S’s Mom and Dad:

and her brother and sister (missing one brother)

S and L:

L’s Mom (missing her brother):

This beautiful day included brunch, flowers, wine and very special gifts that only my boys would know that I would LOVE…a weather station to replace a broken one and a very simple bottle of soap with a smell that I love…They always impress me with their caring, loving ways:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C