Super Saturday #29

Hurray for Super Saturday #29…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) them…

2) my mom’s crystal…from 1943…pretty, huh?

with pralines and Russian teacakes...

3) additions to my beautiful nativity set…thanks, S family!!


...and after...


Many things to be thankful for this season…rejoice in the season….   :)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #28

Hurray for Super Saturday #28…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) a working fireplace…thank you, Chad:)

2) Christmas tree and our ornaments:

old handmade and new beautiful...all mixed up!

can you see Yoda and ET?

sand dollars and Roxy prints:)

...from F2's childhood...

mixed 'em!


3) a beautiful Willow Tree nativity set…a wonderful gift in the past couple of years:

only a portion of the set...

Because the 3 of us left town for Christmas after F2′s death in ’96 and continued to leave for Christmas for many years, all the Christmas decorations stayed in their boxes. When we decided we could handle being home again, the ornaments brought sweet and wonderful memories back for all of us. Now, we love to see them and talk about each one. C even asked that I write a list of ornaments and how we got them or what they meant…great idea, right?  So instead, I took photos of them in groups that could be described…hope they make sense!

Appreciate what you have for Christmas and make as many memories as you can…  they will light up your lives forever:))


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Helping Remember

C and I were checking out the ornaments on last year’s tree, and I was telling him the stories of each one…where and who it came from, how long we had had it, whatever I could remember. C said I should take a photo of each ornament and tell the story on the back so the stories wouldn’t be forgotten in the future. That sounded like a great idea until I began taking the ornaments off the tree and decided I would NEVER get finished…way too many of them:)

So here is my compromise:  photos of groups of ornaments that have similar stories…here are way too many of them for you to see, but definitely not all of them!

F2's childhood ornaments

my childhood 'Horns'

some of C's

more of C's

some of S's

more of S's

lovely TLG ornaments

birds for luck and more of D's childhood


love elves and angels

more angels

collected during our travels

more travel college

love the teacher ornaments

gifts from family and friends

Okay…I know…that’s enough, right?? I have at least twenty more photos, but you get the idea, I’m sure! I love that C thought of this plan. Looking at the photos will make it easier to tell the stories of individual ornaments and reliving the memories that make them special!

Find happiness in the season and share it with your children:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Remembering Manners + Christmas Share – Day 22

The Thursday before Christmas??? Are you ready? Are your children ready to be cheerful and happy with what they receive…no matter what it is?

are you grateful for each other?


Maybe a little discussion is needed…talking about the difference between wants and needs…talking about those less fortunate…talking about manners and making those around you feel comfortable!  Lots of discussions, spur of the moment kinds of talks…what do you hear and see on TV and music…is that how you want your kids to respond to others?

Speak up…let them know how you want ‘your’ family to act and react during this crazy, festive, stressful holiday season!  Kids will only go as far as you let them…so check for the coming meltdowns and distract and redirect to help them find something interesting to do.

Please and thank you are important lessons to pass on to your children…and they learn them from watching you and your interactions with them and others.

use any kind of thank you's...

How about thanking Santa for the goodies?

Loving the season, the reason, the family, and the day….be happy and joyful (even if it hurts)….


Happy Parenting and Christmas Sharing,

D and C


From This Mama Says….for Christmas share


Christmas is just right around the corner and normally the last thing that everyone is shopping for are those small gifts and stocking stuffers. All those little things you kept saying to yourself that you’d pick up later….. Well ‘later’ is NOW!

Here is a great list of OVER 100 small and inexpensive gift ideas! I don’t know about you, but I hate filling stockings and buying small ‘filler’ presents only to be throwing away those things within weeks, because they were junk!

This year I’ve decided that instead of wasting money, I’m buying things that are either needed, useful or consumable!

Another great idea for coworkers, friends or family is to group some of these items together for a “theme basket”. I tried to group the items together as best I could! Here are a few suggestions… Baking, coffee, makeup, nails, art, golf, spa, electronics, car care, etc.

Also, considering that most of these items are $5.00 or less this would be a wonderful way to bless a family in need! We will be filling a stocking to send to our World Vision child, but you could also drop off with a charity, a church or a specific family that you know! What a wonderful blessing to someone you could be! And what a lesson it would be for your children!


Finally, My Christmas Share – Day 17

“Finding Joy and Happiness in Family Traditions”


Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, right? Now, don’t go all ‘Bah! Humbug!’ on me!  Concentrating on what makes the holiday special for your family does take some work – mostly mental!  Do you know what traditions are important in your family? Can you find and share your own joy and happiness with those closest to you?

the best traditions start here!!

Here are some of the things that our family has come to value and love over time….

pj's and colored sugar, perfect companions!

FOOD! – making cookies together, messy or not..usually sugar cookies, Russian teacakes, and our special chocolate chip cookies…if the kids are not involved it doesn’t really count as a family tradition. At least let them help part of the time! Then, preparing for good food of any kind…special cutlery, get the bar ready, and then delicious food! Yum!!

DECORATIONS! – we had an artificial tree from the time Chad (older son) was a toddler — you know, overprotective parents worried about those sharp needles and pulling it over on the little guy:)  We asked when the boys were about 10 and 12 if they would like to get a real tree and they said, “Noooo, we have to put our tree together, like always!”  I guess that made our fake tree a tradition!  On the tree — ornaments given by friends, by parents and kids from our schools, and delightful ornaments made by or given to our boys. Every year, even now, they look for their special ornaments on the tree.

Add in the angels that I love, music boxes, and snow globes..the Christmas album where I keep all of our family Christmas photo cards (32 years of them)…decorations for the holidays that we love to see come out of hiding!

SCHEDULE! – Christmas Eve…out to eat, just the four of us! Years ago the only place to go that was open was Pizza Hut. The boys loved it! After chowing down on pizza we traveled through our suburban neighborhoods looking at the lights and the luminarios. Then back home for eggnog, plain or spiked, depending on age:) The kids got to open one present, usually from their grandparents who lived in Alabama. Then off to sleep to wait for Santa!

On Christmas morning, the boys called to us from their room when they woke up. They had to wait for Dad to get the camera ready and the lights on downstairs by the fireplace where the stockings were – no peeking as they passed the Christmas tree and presents! Slow, appreciative process – one at a time, check out each thing in the stocking – take the time to be excited! After stockings are emptied, on to the Christmas tree, Santa gifts, parent gifts, brother gifts: all, one at a time, being thankful and happy no matter what the gift! Sometimes that was hard…but even joyful, kid-friendly holidays are learning occasions, one way or the other!

TRAGEDY! – We had a major break in happy holiday traditions when my hubby and the boys’ dad died suddenly in an accident in Nov. of ’96. What an awful holiday season for us! We had to get away from the normal, so for the next 7 or 8 years we spent Christmas Eve and Day up north at ski lodges – just the 3 of us. Chad worked at some of the resorts so we would go join him. Getting away helped us get through the holidays.

I gradually added the decorations and tree back, and then we decided to add our Christmas Eve dinner…but, oops! Pizza Hit no longer stayed open on that night, so we wandered down the street and found an actual, favorite restaurant open. So, now that is our go-to spot for Christmas Eve and when we get home we can all imbibe with the spiked eggnog:)

Times will continue changing since the ‘boys’ are now 33 and 30 and have girlfriends – but we have our wonderful memories from the past to bring us joy and happiness.


Remember to appreciate your families and those traditions that continue to bring you joy over time! The holidays should be filled with joy and happiness. Go for it!

here we are...finding joy and happiness :)

Happy Parenting and Merry Christmas Sharing,

D and C

Do You Believe in Santa?

So…do you believe in Santa?

Come on, Santa, smile!!

That is always the question, isn’t it? Is there really a Santa Claus? How do you answer your children’s questions – blow it off, ignore it, answer from the head or from the heart?

We wanted our boys to enjoy those light-hearted, magical beliefs as long as possible. I still believe in Santa…the spirit of a giving soul expecting nothing in return! Shouldn’t we all be more like that “Jolly Old Elf”???

If your conversations with your children can begin to focus more on the gifts Santa gives to everyone else, how kind and industrious he is – it may help your children to develop some of those helpful characteristics in their own lives. Santa letters, Santa cookies to give to others, special Santa wrapping paper and bows, trips to see Santa, watching TV specials — how can that be wrong?


Make sure your child knows what you believe. You do believe in that loving spirit, don’t you? If you’re confident in what you want for your children in the way of believing or not, then no remarks by kids at school or by crabby relatives can shake them from those beliefs.

a present from Santa :)

The light and sparkle in your kids’ eyes should not be extinguished just because others may think your children are too old to believe in Santa. Hold on to what you want for your own kids. Chad and Scott never thought that we had lied to them when they were young but that believing in the spirit of Christmas continues into adulthood. 

I believe in Santa, do you?

Happy Parenting!
D and C