Super Saturday #40

Hurray for Super Saturday #40…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


No…today in ONE BIG THING that makes me happy!!!

I’m going to be a GRAMMA!!!!  How exciting is that???

Scott and Lauren…expecting in October :)

All of us are thrilled and can’t wait to meet little baby Finkbeiner….

Here is their FB announcement:   so cute!

Happy, happy days!!!


Happy Parenting (for sure!),

D and C

Happy Birthday, Scott!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Scott!!

Hasn’t he always been adorable???

Love my boy!! Have a great day, Scottie!

Happy Parenting….(always with my boys)

D and C

The Story of the Limo

Another wedding story for you…are you ready??


A limousine bus was hired to take the wedding party to the ceremony site: Ladies first, from the hotel to the golf course then the men from one of their houses to the golf course. The bride and bridesmaids were picked up and delivered exactly as planned. The guys were to be picked up next…while the bride was secreted away…and delivered. Nothing happened…no guys…waiting, waiting, …hmmm! What’s going on?

Finally a bridesmaid checked with the guys who were still waiting to be picked up and then called the limo company. Talk about defensive…they said that’s not what they were told, they went back to the hotel to pick up guests (the hotel had its own shuttle for that). After demanding a refund, the girls called the guys and said, “Get here now!!”  This was 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start.  We all assumed there would be 3-4 cars zooming up…there were 7 groomsmen and the groom to be delivered.


Instead….look what came!!

isn't this great?


This beautiful car…which just happened to be in the wedding colors…belongs to one of the groomsmen! All of the guys were in it!!!

yup, they are in there:))

Out comes the groom…

Ready for the big day!!


The car looked a bit like a clown car as all the guys poured out, but it did save the day! The ceremony started about 10 minutes later:))


Sometimes things happen for a reason!! No limo…not a big deal when a better story is the result:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C


The Story of the Ring

On Saturday’s post I mentioned the emotional story of the ring….

So now…for the story:

Chad, the groom’s brother, and Lauren, the bride-to-be, came up with a plan for Scott’s wedding ring that would have meaning and an emotional impact on all of us!! We gave Lauren the CMU class ring that belonged to F2 ( the groom’s dad and our everything…who died in ’96). She found someone who would melt it down and incorporate it…and the gold from her great-grandmother’s earrings…into the metal of the ring. So the ring now represents the melding of the families forever. Chad then designed an inscription for the inside of the ring….a play on F2′s signature with an initial D hidden there for me, and a line around the entire inside of the ring for a continuing signature. Lauren wrote a MOST beautiful letter to Scott which she was going to read to him at the rehearsal dinner…couldn’t do it, she had to ask Scott to read it out loud to everyone, while she sniffled emotionally in the background….actually everyone was sniffling in the background. They have a wonderfully emotional group of friends who appreciate the sentimental!!

reading the letter



Lauren showed me the ring at one of the showers…



Scott will wear this very special ring for very special occasions….since he also received an every day ring for bumming around!!!

Scott was so amazed and in awe of the sentimentality that went into making this ring!! I loved watching him watching Lauren…with LOVE in his eyes:))) It was so special. He said it was the best surprise he’s ever had…sigh:))



Happy Parenting!

D and C

An Awesome Day:)

For your viewing pleasure….a small overview of a beautiful wedding!


beginning the ceremony

it's official...they're husband and wife!!

entering the reception

sharing cake...

first dance...

looks like love...

groom's speech

best man's Chad

I love this!!!


Just a touch for everyone…there will be stories and photos to come in the future!

Everything about the day was all we had hoped for…the weather cooperated, all of us were blessed with joyful hearts for the newlyweds!!  Two beautiful people becoming a loving married couple…perfection, for sure:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C


A wedding! A marriage! A beautiful couple! Lots of love and happiness all around!

Many more photos to come, but for today…here you go:))

S and L tied the knot, with yours truly helping to do the tying!


What a wonderful day!!!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #14

Hurray for Super Saturday #14…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) at the rehearsal dinner, an amazing, beautiful letter for Scott from Lauren…it touched everyone’s heart…as she gave him his wedding ring for the ceremony (if you want the story, let me know)  :)

Scott reading his letter...


emotional Lauren watching him...

2) yesterday was our Out-of-Towners’ BBQ….held in Chad and Shannon’s back yard for Scott and Lauren

very popular:)

with Lauren's grandparents

enjoying the shade

Roxy gets to come to the picnic

the boys with Tom and Krista (my brother and sister-in-law)

love 'em

a little one, picking apples!

Mary, with her hubby and her sisters

relaxing in the shade...

family :)

babies included:))))

end of the evening with a tired puppy!


We had hot sun and bright skies, then clouds came in….and, in perfect timing, at the very end of the night, the skies opened up and it POURED for hours! We’re all assuming that was to get it out of the way for a more important day!!!

3) The most exciting of all…. today is the day of the wedding!!

These two are lovely together, and I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be the one to make them husband and wife!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Final bridal shower…TLG:)

Our 400th post!!!  Special in many ways:))))


The last shower for Scott and Lauren…put on by the best friends ever, our Torch Lake Group!  We love them all sooo much! Thanks for always being there for us!!

the happy sweeties!

a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting

Lauren and her mom Mary

delicious stuffed mushrooms

...and crab puffs!

L with 'the moms'

S having fun with baby M

L's turn with little M

Scott and Lauren with Mary and George

aren't they cute?

TLG fun

more fun...

ready for gifts???

insider joke...we love these mugs!

special gift...from afar:)

gorgeous, right?

the BEST kids ever!!!



An amazing day for an amazing couple!! It was a perfectly lovely shower with our TLG family!

Happy Parenting….from a very happy parent!!!

D and C


Happy Birthday, Scott!

Another beautiful day for a special birthday…

Happy Birthday, Scott:)))))

Lots of Love to a wonderful son….I’m so proud of the man you have become….you’re awesome!!

…and of course, a few reminders of a smaller you…

Happy Birthday, then and now!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Boys and their Toys

We celebrated S’s birthday on Sunday…both boys and their girls here! Loved it!

One of Scott’s gifts from Chad was toys!!! Here are my adorable young men shooting their guns at each other…and falling over with laughter! soooo much fun:)

and the puppy got in on the action with a little 'smell-o-vision'..arghh


And a very happy birthday tomorrow for my mom!!

For more photos of her check here.

Have a great day everyone!


Happy Parenting!

D and C