A TLG Christmas

Another beautiful TLG Christmas…delicious meal, great presents, but most of all…wonderful friends!!!

Every year, as many of us as possible get together and have FUN!!!  9 of the 12 possible adults, 8 of the possible 15 “kids”…..

a signature cocktail...

a yummy pork roast

many tasty side dishes...

great folks...

more lovelies...

I love these people sooo much…those who attended and those who couldn’t…        Our Torch Lake Group:))

One of our continuing traditions since the kids were babies! More traditions coming soon!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


more fun…

Another wonderful wedding this weekend….

Congratulations to Don and Laura!!!

aren't they cute?

Don, and most of his groomsmen, have been friends with Scott (and Chad, too) since elementary or junior high school!! Great friends for a long time!

Scott with 2 great friends...

Chad with the groom

So much fun…all night long…dancing, great music, talking with friends, young and old :)


groomsmen following the dj's steps....loved it!!

and the lovely ladies:)

the guys celebrating ... Friends in Low Places!!

By the end of the celebration very few of us still had voices left! I enjoyed being with so many wonderful folks who have shared many other memories over the years!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Thankful Thursdays #32

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #32


Here are three things that make me happy and bring me joy:


This is all about the Yellow House wedding up North this past weekend:

1) Before the wedding….

turning a garage into a lovely 'hall'

making sure everyone knows where to go...

bride's father 5 minutes before the rehearsal:))

'practice' bouquet

the bride with her bridesmaids

father and sister of the bride

tlg making the signature drink for the cocktail hour

2) During the wedding….

performing the ceremony...'these are the hands'

the 'Royal' kiss...

beautiful table settings

ready for the party!!

sister of the bride and her guy:)

the happy married couple:)

gorgeous mother of the bride and sister of the bride!!!

TLG working "Dancing Queen" for the lovely bride:)))

3) More During and After the wedding coming soon…so excited to share photos with you…please hang in there with me:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C


People Pics

Just for fun….favorite folks, new and old…

There!! That was fun for me…hope you enjoyed it, too:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Group Fun

Another one bites the dust…another Torch Lake ‘kid’ hits the 30 year mark, so it’s definitely time for another party!

soo tiny!

….and Happy Birthday, AJC !!!

the birthday girl:)

Group get-togethers are great fun…love them!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

‘Family’ + Christmas Share – Day 4

Hi everyone! And welcome to Day 4 of Parga’s Junkyard’s 25 Days of Christmas!

Introducing Kara from “Happy Go Lucky Harvey” with her Red and Green Mint Brownie Recipe.
Kara says,

“It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy any thing that combines mint with chocolate! 

See them here!

Don’t these Mint Chocolate brownie bites look delicious?  The mint green icing with red sprinkles make it look so festive ~ Perfect for all those holiday parties your planning and attending this month.”

Check out the rest of Kara’s post here.  Remember to send her some love…


Now for some Childhood Myths info…can you help me figure out what type of flyer or publicity would give parents the idea that they would love to hear a funny story or parenting tip that might make their lives easier, please!!!  We put on a parenting workshop the other evening. The elementary school sent out flyers and electronic newsletters inviting the parents of over 400 students in K-3rd grade…only an hour, in the evening during the week. In the past, for one grade level we might get 20-30 parents from 90-100 kids.

This week….we. had. ONE. parent….ONE!!

We did have lots of fun giving out and sharing info with this lovely lady. She went home very upbeat and excited to try just a couple of things with her 2 little guys. We would love to be able to encourage more parents with helpful hints, but we need them to be there. Any ideas out there?  How about you?? Want some answers from folks who have been through both the parenting issues and the teaching issues? We don’t proclaim to have all the answers, but we’d be happy to share the little things that seemed to work for us. Thanks for letting me rant….whew!…that felt good! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!!


How about smiles during the holidays? From little to big…friends forever…

happy little guys

still happy


all of us happy (and actually thinking we looked cool!)


Enjoy those friends closest to you during the holidays….they are the best!!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C


Happiness Tuesdays #48

Happiness Counts!


Happiness Tuesdays are here to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!


Happiness Tuesdays #48


Here are three things that make me happy:

I am so grateful for animals that make us smile-

1) Chad’s dog looks fierce, but was a rescue dog…so a big softy!

2) Scott and Lauren have a new puppy! Isn’t she cute??

with Scott

with Lauren

with 'Uncle' Chad and 'Aunt' Shannon

pretending to be E.T.....hiding in the stuffed animals :)

3) my lovely cat….learning to be a good ‘cousin’ to family animals!

can you see the cat on the inside?? checkin' that puppy out!

keeping an eye on that pup all day!

We love our animals, don’t we? Remember to include them in your family photos….the kids will love to see them  and remember them when they’re older!


Beginning on Friday, I will be taking part in the 25 Days of Christmas blogshare through Sonya at pargasjunkyard.  Each day I will include a link to a blog with a Christmas flair…recipes, traditions, crafts, etc. My normal blogs will continue, but you will see a blog each day of the month. I hope you will enjoy them :)


The holidays are fun. Find your happiness in them and breathe through the stress!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

special friends and a 3-year old:)

Three-year olds are hilarious!!

Out of the blue, my former teaching partner…who actually invited me to be in his wedding when I was over 50…called!! Love him, love his wife, love his cute lil son!!

They were going to be in town for some shopping and visiting the zoo, so I said to come on over for a BBQ and to spend the night!  Well, I might be a little prejudiced, but that little cutie is smart as a whip, friendly, curious, kind…all of those adjectives you would like applied to your children.


I had bought a few presents..called them early birthday gifts, but that’s not until October…so I really just wanted to make sure there was something here for him to play with!  He had so much fun, and we had so much fun watching him and interacting with his questions and comments.

enjoying the early evening breeze

We watched one of the DVD’s included in the Madagascar set that he found under the TV..and giggled along with him as only a 3-year old can!!

look at the funny penguins....

I enjoyed touching base with such a special family!

thanks for bringing some smiles...

Do you have friends that you only see occasionally? Does it feel like you can step right back in time and enjoy each other all over again?  Keeping track of friends and enjoying their children brings joy and happiness to your life. Go get it!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C


Still Sisters

This story starts in the spring of 1965…when I became a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at Central Michigan University. A looong time ago, right? I made many strong friendships from that time until I graduated in 1968….with new sisters joining every year. A few years ago some of them decided to have a get-together at someone’s home and invite the sorority sisters that they had known in college. This June I went to another such reunion where 22 of my sorority sisters from about 45 years ago gathered. It took no time at all to revert to old times and personalities…it was fantastic. We ate, we talked, and then got in a circle and shared what we have been doing since graduation. It fills my heart that the AX bond is just as strong as it ever was….nearness and time has not affected the closeness at all.

Here we are and I will leave you with:

Happy Parenting,

D and C

…and yes college is worth it:)

all 22 of us

Friends for Christmas

A TLG Christmas!!
     Our Torch Lake Group consists of seven families that have known each other for over 35 years!  This year ten of the adults and 5 of the young adults plus a spouse, girlfriend, and boyfriend got together for our annual Christmas bash, otherwise known as a party!!
               Thank you to Crarys for hosting this year:


delicious food

     Beautiful decorations, delicious food, and as always, wonderful memory-making moments!

     The eight “children” of the group were born within nine years to five families, and they, along with their parents, have vacationed together, celebrated all kinds of events, and shared growing up almost as brothers and sisters. They continue to laugh and tease each other, following in the steps of their parents.
     This wonderful group has shared many highs and lows, and we continue to look forward to new excitement and adventures.
The Torch Lake Group, adults and “kids”

If you are lucky enough to have friends like ours, embrace and love them this holiday season :)    There is nothing more precious than to be able to show your children the magic of special friends!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C