Sunshiny Sunday #7 ?? Sort of…

Instead of a normal Sunshiny Sunday, I thought I’d return to the cruise from the fall…

Because it’s now March, maybe exploring Ireland would be a good idea…so for today, we took an excursion called “Irish for a Day”.  Our Princess Cruise ship arrived in Dublin:

an Irish Ferry complete with a shamrock!

We headed by bus out of Dublin about an hour to a farm where we were greeted with coffee and scones before learning to make our own Irish soda bread…

our Irish friend is standing on a table giving us our directions :)

hmmm, not bad…

Then we had a hay ride on a wagon to a peat bog…which is now protected a lot like our wetlands are…

the bog, with beautiful heather just beginning to bloom

The turf, which was used for heating, takes millions of years to grow…millimeters at a time! Amazing!

The weather was cooperating at this point!!

After returning to the barn, we got to milk the cows before heading in for lunch.

Lunch was delicious… a vegetable puree soup and then ham, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots along with our very own soda bread and butter. We finished with apple pie for dessert!!

Doesn't it look good?

After lunch we headed to the barn to learn some authentic Irish dances..sorry, no time for pictures…we were too out of breath :)  We also learned how to play the bowron…a drum!

This guy taught us the dances, and yes…everyone participated!! See the drums along the back wall?

We saw Cannemara ponies…very pretty and gentle!

We finished the day watching the sheepherder and his dog herding the sheep. The dog was having so much fun. He didn’t want to stop when the sheepherder was trying to train the next young pup!

What an amazing day in the Irish countryside!! Thank you to the owners of the Causey Farm for inviting us to join them for the day. As an added piece of wonderment…the day ended with this rainbow! …Which became a double rainbow and followed us all the way back to the ship!! Sigh! Who needs reality??!!

look closely for the double rainbow!

It’s too bad pictures can never show the true beauty of real life, but they are a good way to trigger your most beautiful memories!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A happy green day to you….

an Irish toast with a Pat O'Briens's glass...New Orleans:)

some lovely spring green

some green left over from the fall

in case you need a green shirt

And if you put some of the puzzle pieces together…

ta, da!

You’re ready for a corned beef and cabbage kind of day!!


Have a delightful and safe St. Patrick’s Day:)


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Spring?? and St. Patrick’s Day

May your heart be light…and keep looking for that Spring!!!

Here is blue sky, but frozen lake remains…

Can you see the poor ducks trying to walk on the ice?? They’re wondering if they came back a little too soon!

Ice still here…sea wall shedding….spring??

Do you think green things can grow here yet?? But wait…see the sun is actually shining in the background…ah, signs of good things to come:)

The cherubs guarding the spot where the tulips and daffodils will soon grow….maybe a leprechaun is lurking, waiting for spring also:)

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all… find something ‘green’ to do with the munchkins today. They will love it!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C