Super Saturday #24

Hurray for Super Saturday #24…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) spending time with my mom

2) my lovely TLG friends…who celebrate my honey’s life every Nov. 10th…cannot believe he’s been gone for 17 years!! Luckily for me, I know he is still with me:)))



and now…with my buds!!

3) my 2 new ‘daughters’ took me to see Mamma Mia the Musical….as an early Christmas gift. It was so much fun to spend time with them …. and I LOVE musicals:))) Thanks, darling girls!!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

Super Saturday #20

Hurray for Super Saturday #20…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) reminiscing over photos…Danube River Cruise starting with 3 extra days in Prague, awesome! Just a few for you to see of the many 100′s I took!!

Prague Castle

in a train station!!

beautiful stained glass

my buddies, just arrived from long flight!! Gorgeous hotel...Boscolo!


2) birthday dinner for Chad…I fancied up the table, a rare occurrence….but got down to basics for dessert!

potato soup and then pot roast...

the 'famous' cake knife, a smaller version of our favorite bump cake, and a sneaky 'candle' to blow out:))


3) I added another Meals on Wheels day to my schedule…now I’ll be doing the same route on Tuesday one week and on Thursday the next! It’s nice to get to know the people from week to week. They’re not always the same but many are there some weeks and back again later weeks. It may be time for me to grab some flowers again to pass out to these sweet people!


Find your happiness and spread it around…happy Fall and Happy Sweetest Day!


Happy Parenting!

D and C





The Hawk

Hawks are fantastic birds…beautiful, mysterious, fierce, able to slowly soar through the air or to execute amazingly swift dives after what they are looking for! They were favorites of F2 and remind me of him whenever I see them. The qualities of the hawk are quite similar to the qualities of F2:)))


On our recent trip through Europe, I saw a hawk on the first day in Prague…it was riding on the shoulder of a man just walking through a square:

and then there was a beautiful bird in the square of the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest at the end of our travels:

I felt like F2 was with me throughout the trip….love the feeling!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

The Story of the Limo

Another wedding story for you…are you ready??


A limousine bus was hired to take the wedding party to the ceremony site: Ladies first, from the hotel to the golf course then the men from one of their houses to the golf course. The bride and bridesmaids were picked up and delivered exactly as planned. The guys were to be picked up next…while the bride was secreted away…and delivered. Nothing happened…no guys…waiting, waiting, …hmmm! What’s going on?

Finally a bridesmaid checked with the guys who were still waiting to be picked up and then called the limo company. Talk about defensive…they said that’s not what they were told, they went back to the hotel to pick up guests (the hotel had its own shuttle for that). After demanding a refund, the girls called the guys and said, “Get here now!!”  This was 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start.  We all assumed there would be 3-4 cars zooming up…there were 7 groomsmen and the groom to be delivered.


Instead….look what came!!

isn't this great?


This beautiful car…which just happened to be in the wedding colors…belongs to one of the groomsmen! All of the guys were in it!!!

yup, they are in there:))

Out comes the groom…

Ready for the big day!!


The car looked a bit like a clown car as all the guys poured out, but it did save the day! The ceremony started about 10 minutes later:))


Sometimes things happen for a reason!! No limo…not a big deal when a better story is the result:)))


Happy Parenting!

D and C


The Story of the Ring

On Saturday’s post I mentioned the emotional story of the ring….

So now…for the story:

Chad, the groom’s brother, and Lauren, the bride-to-be, came up with a plan for Scott’s wedding ring that would have meaning and an emotional impact on all of us!! We gave Lauren the CMU class ring that belonged to F2 ( the groom’s dad and our everything…who died in ’96). She found someone who would melt it down and incorporate it…and the gold from her great-grandmother’s earrings…into the metal of the ring. So the ring now represents the melding of the families forever. Chad then designed an inscription for the inside of the ring….a play on F2′s signature with an initial D hidden there for me, and a line around the entire inside of the ring for a continuing signature. Lauren wrote a MOST beautiful letter to Scott which she was going to read to him at the rehearsal dinner…couldn’t do it, she had to ask Scott to read it out loud to everyone, while she sniffled emotionally in the background….actually everyone was sniffling in the background. They have a wonderfully emotional group of friends who appreciate the sentimental!!

reading the letter



Lauren showed me the ring at one of the showers…



Scott will wear this very special ring for very special occasions….since he also received an every day ring for bumming around!!!

Scott was so amazed and in awe of the sentimentality that went into making this ring!! I loved watching him watching Lauren…with LOVE in his eyes:))) It was so special. He said it was the best surprise he’s ever had…sigh:))



Happy Parenting!

D and C

An Interview

    I decided to do an interview for 'The Sowell 
    an Alabama bloggers' forum:
    1. What part of the state do you call home?

I live in Michigan now, but I did live in Huntsville from 6th grade through high school and then back to Michigan for college.

I2. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in October of 2010.

3. Why did you start blogging?

The blog started as an extension of parenting ideas used in our workshops and book…How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths…and it has continued as a way to spread happiness and joy in the lives of adults and children.

4. What is your favorite part of being a member of the Alabama Women Bloggers community?

I guess that would be weird since I am a Michigan blogger, but blogging is international, isn’t it?!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Enjoying my life, helping others, being with family and friends.

6. If you could choose an actress to play you in your life, who would you choose and why?

Sandra Bullock…just because I like her as an actress and as a person (at least from what is assumed to be true about her).

7. Name 5 things on your Bucket List that you hope you’ll check off before you die?

1-seeing both my boys happy and married with wonderful families, 2-finding avenues to help others, 3-visit Tahiti or some other Polynesian island, 4-I could revisit Hawaii a million times and I’d never tire of it, 5-continue to find the good and positive in people and events…recognize the good in the universe.

8. If you could be known for one thing, what would it be and why?

Being a positive and encouraging person…bring a light to others

9. Describe the best moment in your life.

Being married to my college sweetheart and having my 2 sweetie-pies with him

10. If you could “be” anything (no consequences, no fear), what would you “be”?

a parenting expert giving workshops and talks

11. What or who inspires you to blog?

“A Spot of Whimsy” got me started for the beauty in her blogs and now I’m inspired to continue sharing positive messages to anyone who wants to see them.

12. We’re headed to your neck of the woods… what restaurant would you recommend?

In Alabama, Jim and Nick’s would be a favorite of mine too…always stopped there on our way from Michigan to Gulf Shores for spring break. In Michigan, Mr. Paul’s Chophouse is a wonderful steakhouse.

13. What’s a southern tradition you and your family have?

Instilling beautiful manners into children….I saw many great manners being used in the south.

14. If you could pick your favorite blog post from your blog this year, what would it be?

The post that I revisit each year is my Grief post….tells my story, in a nutshell.

15. We all love social media, tell us your links so we can visit. and a personal facebook page, Linked in and google+


Are there other questions you have for me? I’d be happy to share:)))

Here are my favorite people…family, friends, sweetie-pies!

Happy Parenting!

D and C

more fun…

Another wonderful wedding this weekend….

Congratulations to Don and Laura!!!

aren't they cute?

Don, and most of his groomsmen, have been friends with Scott (and Chad, too) since elementary or junior high school!! Great friends for a long time!

Scott with 2 great friends...

Chad with the groom

So much fun…all night long…dancing, great music, talking with friends, young and old :)


groomsmen following the dj's steps....loved it!!

and the lovely ladies:)

the guys celebrating ... Friends in Low Places!!

By the end of the celebration very few of us still had voices left! I enjoyed being with so many wonderful folks who have shared many other memories over the years!


Happy Parenting!

D and C




Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either

“I wish I had”         or        ”I’m glad I did”.

Zig Ziglar


No matter the weather…hot, cold, wet, or dry…inside or outside….find the time to make memories together!   I think I can say, “I’m glad I did”  !!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

Joyful Thursdays #25

What brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you peace? Here are some photos, quotes, and thoughts that make me joyful.


Joyful Thursdays #25


Here are three things that make me happy and bring me joy:)


1) having my sweet son paint the guest room…

a great worker

old walls, needed repair work

love the bright, sunny color:)

2) lovin’ some more old photos…Gallimores:

3) and lovin’ some more photos…Horns…

So much fun!! Happy!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

water, water, everywhere…

The thought behind sharing all of these ‘water’ photos with you is that children love water when given the chance to explore it. These final photos…no, really!…show the kids loving the water individually, with each other, and with groups of friends.

Isn’t that what we really want for our children? …to find happiness in their own lives both alone and with others!!

We do love the water….

Whether playing in a backyard pool or lake, skipping stones in one of the Great Lakes near a freighter or the Mackinac Bridge, playing in water anywhere is a way to encourage a love of water for life!!

Brothers still enjoying the water!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C