Lots of snow in Michigan…about 10 inches where I am!! Snowy yesterday, cold today…0 degrees this AM, but SUNNY!!  Hurray!! the temp doesn’t really matter to me if we get some of that yummy sunshine :)
    Here are a few photos of the snow looking out my window:

     On my way back home this afternoon into the middle of a subdivision, every house I passed had a beautiful, pristine white front yard. I sure hope they were households like mine with kids all grown and gone. Otherwise where is the evidence of snowy fun, building snowmen and throwing snow??

     Doesn’t it make you want to go mess it up???  Do all of you Southern folk wish you were here…or did you get enough of your own weird weather in the last couple of weeks??
    Have fun with your kids…inside or out!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C