97 followers…oh,no!

     Hello all my blogger friends!! Over this coming weekend I will be moving to WordPress, and I’m freaking out!!! I just began this blogging adventure at the end of October so I still have quite a learning curve to work with. I am now moving so that all of our website info will coordinate with each other…our workshops, blog, events, sassy kids parties, etc….will all match and fit together.
But, because I am still pretty technologically illiterate, moving from what seems at least a little familiar to me to a totally new atmosphere is very hard!  I hope you will join me on this new adventure.

this is what I feel like right now!!

     I had just gotten to 97 followers on Google Friend Connect and now I believe I have to start over:(      So…I am hoping that you will join this new site and continue to follow our Childhood Myths blogs. I’m sure most of you remember how excited you were when you reached the 100 follower pinnacle….I was SOOO close. Please help so that I will be ready to plan a giveaway when I reach that peak!
      The new site is childhoodmyths.net for the home page…you can then follow from the blog site.  If you have questions for me or ideas that may help me please feel free to let me know by way of comment or email.
      For my FaceBook people, my new site will automatically share the blog with you…but it will not look the same and will not have the Sassy Kids name, but will have the Childhood Myths name instead. Hopefully, you will continue to visit and comment. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me…thank you so much!!
     If anyone from the blog or from FaceBook is interested in having us present a parent workshop…any size, from a few parents, to a classroom’s parents, a school, community group, church group…or a teacher workshop of any size, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to present ideas and tips to help make parenting and /teaching easier for any and all groups.
     Any hints you have for us about the blog and how to set it up to be helpful to you, just let us know;)

Happy Parenting!
D and C