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     There will always be chores to do, whether we like it or not!!?!

So helping those little ones learn to “just do it” is such a gift to them. None of us wants to do chores; but we can choose to be miserable about it, procrastinate, be stressed and feel guilty – OR – we can find a method that works for us to make doing chores tolerable. Find that method for yourself, and then try lots of methods out on your kids. Remember that all kids are different – musically inclined, athletically inclined, dramatically inclined – whatever turns them on: USE IT!
building storage shelves

     Through the Quantum Learning program that Chad and I attended, we learned about 1-song breaks. I used this method in my classroom often:) When kids are involved in their work, leave them alone; but if you notice them becoming antsy, having wandering eyes, losing concentration – use the 1-song break. You, as the adult, pick a peppy CD without showing the kids. Have them pick a number from 1-14(the number of tracks on the CD). Then play that track. For the entire song, the kids and the adult must dance or march around the room to the music, no running, no talking, no touching. The first few times you do this, you really have to tease and encourage them into it. After that, they love it! When the song is almost done, slowly lower the volume until it is silent. The kids then go directly back to work. It’s amazing how much their concentration on the task improves. Try this in a classroom or in your home!!

working on the car

     Try different methods – stop and shoot baskets, draw, read, dress up, whatever your children love to do: 20 minutes of work, 10 minutes of play. SET THE TIMER!

getting that wallpaper off

     If your children ask to help with something you’re doing: Let them!! Whatever it is they want to do gives you the opportunity to teach them new skills and spend time together:)  Who cares if the dusting isn’t done to your standards? If you can keep quiet about that, you will have helped to build your children’s confidence in themselves.

doing chores when young

still doing chores when older

     When your kids have been doing chores as a normal part of their day from the time they were little, they naturally continue expecting to do them as they get older. Let them feel the achievement and accomplishment of completing tasks.

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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