Super Saturday #22

Hurray for Super Saturday #22…

Beautiful things, exciting things, inspiring ones…I’ll share with you those things that bring me joy and make me happy!


Here are three things that make me happy:


1) helping Mom organize Carl’s video tapes…Tom, you are in trouble when you get here:)))))

After looking through 3 file cabinet drawers, one wooden cabinet, and a TV stand, I found well over 200 tapes!!!! Yikes!!

now, these are all family tapes

these are all space tapes

all 200 of these are for you, Tom, to check out to see if they need to be kept or pitched:))


2) spending time with these two lovelies…

aren't they cute?

3) another beautiful sunrise….don’t be too upset. It’s cloudy and raining right now…but still in the 70′s ;)

Have a beautiful and happy weekend!!


Happy Parenting!

D and C

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  1. Helen says:

    Diane, please give your mother a hug for me! Mother enjoyed her long friendship with her. And of course, you know how much the carpool loved whenever she had the top down on our way home from school! (Remember that was before Dan let the carpool know he could talk a lot!)

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