Friends for Christmas

A TLG Christmas!!
     Our Torch Lake Group consists of seven families that have known each other for over 35 years!  This year ten of the adults and 5 of the young adults plus a spouse, girlfriend, and boyfriend got together for our annual Christmas bash, otherwise known as a party!!
               Thank you to Crarys for hosting this year:


delicious food

     Beautiful decorations, delicious food, and as always, wonderful memory-making moments!

     The eight “children” of the group were born within nine years to five families, and they, along with their parents, have vacationed together, celebrated all kinds of events, and shared growing up almost as brothers and sisters. They continue to laugh and tease each other, following in the steps of their parents.
     This wonderful group has shared many highs and lows, and we continue to look forward to new excitement and adventures.
The Torch Lake Group, adults and “kids”

If you are lucky enough to have friends like ours, embrace and love them this holiday season :)    There is nothing more precious than to be able to show your children the magic of special friends!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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