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So, I thought maybe I would ask you, “How important are photographs to you?”  I am a crazy, over-the-moon picture nut!! Yup, absolutely, that’s me! I love taking them, I love putting them in albums, and I love getting the albums out and looking at the photos taken over many years.
My parents took tons of photos also so I’ve been collecting some of the family gems and putting them in their own separate albums. Wow, what great “historical data” and very strange clothing and customs too. The photos I’ll show you today are intended to encourage you in your quest to take more pictures of your family, posed and not.
My dad died when I was eighteen so pictures of him and our family are very precious to me. F2 and I had always taken lots of pictures, and I know my boys appreciate all the memories they bring since he died when Chad and Scott were 18 and 15. I will continue to take pictures for future memories for them and for me. They don’t even flinch any more when a camera comes out…very used to it:)

My dad’s parents lived just a block away from us
My mom with her mom and my dad’s mom in 1968
and 4 generations in 1946…yikes!


Earlier we talked about winter fun and having fun with your family. Here are some old photos showing examples.

cute, huh?
love these pics of my mom, dad, brother, and me


Don’t forget to take pictures of extended family also!

a few years apart, but still together
maybe embarrassing, but necessary;)

And when the family changes, more photos!

looks do change, don’t they?


Obviously, I’m a photo-nut!! I have photos in the computer, but I need them out where I can see them whenever I want, take my time with them, and enjoy the memories. How about you? do you take enough photographs of your family?

Happy Parenting!
D and C 




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  1. Clayton Thomas says:

    Despite losing loved ones, pictures can help us cope with the loss and remember the good time. Newest follower- Thanks for sharing these. All the best.


    Author of Tantrums, Troubles,and Treasures

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