Winter Fun

     The past few Sassy Kids blogs have been about chores, scheduling, and checklists, so today let’s have some FUN!!

winter is fun

     Winter gives all of us a chance to get outside and have some fun with our kids. From the time children are very young, they have a fascination with snow-watching it, tasting it, and playing in it. So: put down that laundry and that dusting cloth, step away from the computer and your emails, and involve yourself in some great family memories.

     Little ones love making snow angels, and they love it even more if their parents get down in the snow with them to show them how to make “big” angels :)
snow angels got smushed!

     As your children get older, show them how to ice skate or just slide on the ice in their boots–always keeping safety in mind. The whole point here is doing things with your kids.

first time for Scott with skates

     Have the family make snowmen together. Talk about how they should look and what to add to them. Making forts is always a winner, too! Remember to take photos!

same winter…..different snowmen!

     Taking the family on a nature hike in the winter is something the kids can really get into. They love finding animal tracks, watching for their homes, hearing the quiet sounds of nature, and interacting outside as a family.

getting ready for a hike

     Back home in your front yard, make a “duck, duck, goose” track in the snow. Your family can play the game with or without extra people!

     You will never regret the extra time you spend with your children-at every age level. All of it is precious. Enjoy it all!!
skiing with Dad

Happy Parenting!

D and C

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