Happiness Tuesdays #15

Happiness Counts!!!
I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!

Happiness Tuesdays #15

Here are three things that make me happy:

     Last week’s happiness was all about Scott’s birthday. This week’s is all about my mom’s birthday!!! She doesn’t talk about age, but if you know my age…she is 26 years older than that ;)
     My mom is beautiful, strong, independent, social, kind, and busy, busy, busy!! She has always been a role model for many, so today let’s celebrate my wonderful mother!!

with her mother and father
in high school
with her mom and siblings
with my dad
with my brother and me…and with my dad
the 4 Horns
with me and F2
with Carl, Dan and Carol, Michelle, Tom, and Gail
with Michelle and Julie
with Chad and Scott
Mom and Carl
with the Finkbeiner family
with the Horn family,
Mom and Carl with the 4 kids
with Diane’s family,
with Dan’s family,
with both Gail’s and Tom’s families
Mom and Carl with Chad and Scott
with mom in Feb. 2011

     Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world. Love you bunches, Helen Gallimore :)

Another way to preserve memories of a beautiful life…remember to save those photos!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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  1. tgmore1 says:

    Wow,…that was fun! Thanks for sharing and celebrating with us. Love, Tom

  2. Diane, I popped tears reading and viewing Helen's wonderful family. What a beautiful lady! Mother adored her, too. Please tell her Happy Birthday for me!

  3. lovinangels says:

    This post mad me smile!

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