End of the Year Checklists

Remember some of those Christmas tips we have discussed?

Today we’ll see if we can check one or two things off to help keep your kids on track.
     1. Try to replace gifts as you put them away. Have your kids help by grabbing a toy to replace a toy and clothing to replace clothing. Then you can go together to donate the items.
     2. Thank you notes are important:

any kind

whether your style or theirs

Help your kids if they need help, but make sure they are grateful for their gifts.
     3. Schedules: Start thinking about returning to school schedule early so it isn’t quite so difficult at the last moment. Think about homework, chores, bedtime, and playing outside. All of them are important and can become a normal daily schedule if you plan ahead.

Now is the time to begin new family goals. Sit down, work together, and come up with a plan that you can stick with.

Happy Parenting,
D and C

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  1. blueniraq says:

    SPEAKING OF…. must write grandparents thank you note. must write grandparents thank you note. :D thanks for the reminder! :)

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