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Candy, candy candy!!!
What to do with it when Halloween night is over and the kids are waiting to become “goodie monsters”…. Are you just imagining the whines, the sugar highs, the resulting lows??? Yow! Who said this holiday was fun!? 

But wait!! It certainly can be for you and your kids.
When Chad and Scott were very little, Dad and Mom (that’s me) would take turns going house to house with the boys and staying home to pass out the candy. When the buzzer rang at 8PM we settled on the floor in the living room with all the loot. We told the boys that we would pay them for any candy they didn’t want.
           Pennies when they were small, turning into nickels, then dimes, and finally quarters for handfuls of candy as they grew older. Does that sound weird?? Maybe so, but they only kept about half the treats. The rest went to organizations that took the candy for others who might need it. The money the boys received was divided in half….half in the bank, half to keep for a treat. Lots of underlying lessons being taught in a non-threatening manner; that’s always the fun way to do it.
        For the following days: Rules for eating the goods!!  One  (either candy or chips) for lunch and one for dinner. That’s it!! Don’t back down if they try to break you down…if you hold your ground, next time will be easier.  You…that’s you, not them…could decide to give them an extra treat if they have done something nice. But!!!
not if they ask and not as a bribe.  That’s what makes the treat extra special!
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Happy Halloween!
D and C

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