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Welcome to our new blog: SassyKids at Childhood Myths!    I am Diane, mother of 2 adult sons, and a teacher forever! My older son Chad, also a teacher, will join in now and then with his viewpoint also. Our hope is that you will find an occasional tip or technique to help you make your parenting more joyful and fulfilling for both you and your children.

Week 1, Tip #1:      …here goes:)
Enjoy Halloween with your kids!!!

From going to that pumpkin patch:

Pick a kid-friendly one that encourages kids to touch and sit on the pumpkins—they will remember  and want to go to the same place year after year. Starting family traditions with tons of interaction leads to great memories. As the kids grow older, what you do at that pumpkin patch may change to include cider and donuts, corn mazes, hay rides, and even haunted houses.
To carving that pumpkin:
Get messy!!! Kids love the chance to decide for themselves whether to help get the “guts” out of the pumpkins. One of my boys was always ready to dive in, and the other one dug with a big spoon…at least when they were still little!
Let them use the kid-friendly pumpkin carvers. They love them!! They can use markers first to draw whatever face they want…scary, funny, happy…their choice. If you need a choice make sure you grab your own pumpkin!! Please, please use this as fun time for your family!

And also the costumes:

Using stuff you have at home and repurposing to make a costume was always my plan…I don’t sew(yuck), and I didn’t want to spend $ on one time use costumes. But using jackets, scarves, capes, pajamas, etc.—that was great fun that the kids could help with. And then make-up was always the added key!!

Next week: tips on what to do with all that candy:)

Have fun,
D and C

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