Happiness Tuesdays

Happiness Counts!!!
I am beginning Happiness Tuesdays to tell you some things that make me happy and to share with you quotes, websites, and photos to make you happy!

Week 2, Happiness Tuesdays
These 3 things make me happy:

 1. My boys’ kind hearts…hurray, Chad and Scott
 2. Musicals, any kind…I love them
 3. A warm blanket on a cold day…mmm:)

“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”
                        Margaret Lee Runbeck

See what makes you happy and share it with your family. Ask what makes them happy. If you share some of these with me, I’ll post them once a month.

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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  1. This is a post from Marie by way of FB: These three things make me happy: 1) My daughters' unconditional love, 2) My husband's unending support, and 3) My friend's and family's health

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