Just Catching Up

Hi, everyone!!

After just buying a new computer and having all the data transferred from my old one…and visiting my mom in Florida for 2 weeks….arghh!! I have ignored all you lovely folks except for what little I can do on my iPad while I’m away!

I’m now learning how things work on the computer…way faster, so I have to slow my fingers down so I don’t click on the wrong things! It is really nice to have so much more power to work with. So let’s see if I can still throw some photos at you!

Nope, sorry! I need to install an updated version of Adobe and my computer password from my old Mac didn’t transfer to my new one!! I guess I have to talk to the ‘geniuses’ at Apple tomorrow:)

In the meantime, Have a lovely Easter and know I’ll be back here soon.

Happy Easter!

Happy Parenting,

D and C

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